We had family in town over the weekend for Sam's blessing and we had a little brunch afterwards. We (or rather, I) don't get (or "get", according to Dave) to throw parties that often so I wanted to you know, try a bunch of pinterest ideas. Okay, I stamped some paper cups and bought some striped straws and that was my pinterest party style. Dave thought I was crazy but oh well.

We had a waffle bar (not related to pinterest, we just like waffles) and then some desserts, which I realized weren't necessary because waffles are pretty filling and once again, I'm eating basically a whole cake by myself. Good thing I made it a 6"? I made this cherry vanilla cake but with morello cherries. I also tried a new kind of frosting: swiss meringue buttercream. It was easier than I thought and it is really good and pretty frosting. 

It was fun to try out new recipes and throw a little party with family and food. Thank you to all who came! We loved having family come from all directions and are grateful for all our family and friends.

(cake photo by my brother-in-law bruce, grapic)


Sara said...

That quote is so true!! Looks like a lovely brunch :)

Katya said...

This looks like a major Pinterest win! I love it all, especially that cake decorating! so great! Also, I love that you did Swiss meringue frosting. I keep meaning to try it, but the heating things on the stove freaks me out for some reason.