samuel jason


Sam's middle name is jason, after my dad, who is awesome. Over Thanksgiving break my grandma dug out the little onesie that my dad was blessed in and we used it for Sam (we did not, however, use the bonnet that came with it, ha). 

His outfit was a little hodgepodge but it worked out just fine. A bowtie and pants made by me (and I seriously finished those pants with hours to spare. yikes), onesie from the 60s (oh Sam, you're so cool and you don't even know it) and my favorite little striped shoes made by Shanna. Unfortunately that was the last time he will wear them and I will have to attempt making him a larger pair. We will see how that goes. 

Most people think Sam is a mini Dave and neither of us really see it. I mean, yes, we can see it but not really. Sometimes he looks a lot like my dad, which is fitting. Mostly, he always just looks really cute no matter who you see in him. The picture I didn't include of Dave is the one where he looks like he's going to kill someone because that is how much he wanted to take pictures. So, you know, the usual.

(photos 1,2,3 and 6 by bruce)


Jenna & Joey said...

I can definitely see the resemblance to your dad, which is neat due to the namesake. and those shoes are so cute!

Kristen said...

Cute pictures! Sam is one trendy little guy. I think it's hard to see the resemblances in yourself and your children, but much easier to see it in other peoples families. To me William just looks like himself, no one else.