When I take pictures of Sam each month, I end up with a ton of pictures (and I don't want to delete any of them, of course). I was flipping through the most recent and found these gems. I mean, these are hilarious and I couldn't help adding the captions that are totally obvious. If he just isn't Dave's son through and through...

pictures of treats

Lately I've been scouting out new dessert/treat places on our walks around town. On the way home from Sam's doctor's appointment? Time for two tarts bakery. Just finished grocery shopping? How about some ken's artisan bakery? Oh, just about to get caught in a rainstorm on the way home? Let's duck into blue star donuts.

And it's all been delicious and worth it. I'm always torn between trying new places and sticking with the fantastic places we've already found! I'm hoping to explore more food places in portland this summer. There aren't many things we love more than good food.

Come to Portland and let's take a dessert tour!

and I know I'm being cliche, and I know saying I'm cliche is cliche...

Last Friday (since we watch our t.v. on hulu), I threw an impromptu finale party for the office. Dave and I were the only ones attending was still pretty awesome. I wish I could take credit for the sign idea, but I got it from here. We had some grilled cheese sandwiches, mint chocolate chip ice cream and trader joe's s'mores ice cream sandwiches (uh, they are delicious). (the s'mores/samosas thing is a nod to two episodes...). We also had lemonade (with an ~) and had a guess-the-jelly-bean-amount contest. I totally won. 

Anyway, it was a fun little party. We loved the finale and really, as most readers probably know, love the office. I know it's silly, but I feel like this show is a special part of my life. I've been watching it since high school and feel that...I don't was a part of my coming-to-adulthood? I know, I know, it's only a t.v. show (and one of many that we love) but...whatever. I introduced Dave to it while we were dating and it has never failed to make us laugh. We quote it frequently and could probably act out a few episodes from heart. I've lost count of how many times we've seen the series, especially seasons 1-4. I also have fond memories of our little office parties that Katie, Kristen and I would throw freshman year. I've always found friends through the office. 

I thought the finale was amazing. I love closure and I felt like they gave us so much of it. BUT WHAT THE MEREDITH? Does anyone know what she is doing looking so normal? Creed! Michael! And oh, Pam. amazing. All of it, really. I want to watch that episode for the rest of my life. 

Favorite quote: "and office administrator, pamela beesley halpert, is my best friend."

Ok, I'm done talking about a t.v. show. 

Who watched the finale? What did you think? What is your all-time favorite episode? 

my picks, off the top of my head: 

episode: beach day, Niagara falls 1 & 2
best cold open: stress relief, tallahassee

looking cool on the max


A few Saturdays ago, Sam and I had a little adventure. Dave was sick at home and I wanted to do something so we walked to the mall downtown. I grabbed these sunglasses for Sam for $5 and I think they are adorable. I don't know, does that make me one of "those parents"? He really doesn't like the sun in his eyes (who does?) so I figure it's only fair to get him some sunglasses. 

We had plans to meet friends for koi fusion and I was running late. I told Dave I'd meet everyone there and on my way back, I thought maybe I'd take the max [portland's lightrail]. I haven't ridden it for over a year, because most places downtown are pretty easy to walk to or the lightrail doesn't help me any. But I figured I'd give it a try. Once I realized they got rid of fair zones, I knew it was definitely worth a try. It all went super smooth (I was a little worried about getting on/off with a stroller) and  Sam looked super cool waiting for it, don't you think? 


(It was super cloudy and dim when I took these so they aren't that great.  we had weeks and weeks of sun and now it's just cloudy again!)

Sam is so fun at 4 months! He's doubled in weight and grown half a foot since he was born. He is mostly all smiles, coos, gurgles and laughs. And sometimes he just loves to hear himself squawk. (as do we.) He is reaching for things and putting them in his mouth and is just so much fun to play with. And if you get too close he will start eating your face, your leg or your arm. He's not picky.

faithful, finally beaten*

After five years of heavy use, my computer has, it seemed, finally given up the good fight. Last week after I was using it for awhile it started getting weird pixel dots all over and over the course of many days, would start doing that immediately after restarting and the whole computer freezes and is useless. So everything is there (I did get in a last backup on my external hard drive) but my computer is just dying. I've replaced the battery, charger and upgraded the OS once already.

I think I would be more sad if not for the fact that it's so old (and I hate to think that 6 years is old for a computer) it can't run the updated versions of web browsers (I mean, really?). And I've wanted to upgrade the OS but Dave think that it won't make a difference; it will take so much to run the new OS that it will be new but still super slow. Basically at this point we are just waiting for both of our laptops to die and then we would buy a new computer.

And the worst part (1st world problem right here) is that now if I want to use a computer, I have to use Dave's PC which is just as old (at least) and has a whole host of its own problems. (plus I really, really prefer the mac OS) But at least it works, right? I use my phone for most of my internet "needs" but sometimes a computer is just better.

And it will probably take us another 495 years to agree on a computer to buy. (me: mac//him: pc).

Anyway, I've lugged that computer all over the place and it's done so much for me and I hate to say goodbye. It's a little insane how fast the technology world moves and I knew I couldn't keep my laptop forever, but I'm a little sad about it.

p.s. from what I've gathered my graphics card needs to be replaced. I haven't even bothered looking into how much that would be to replace or if it's possible or even worth it. So it may be able to come back from the dead but at this point...I don't know.

Anyone have any experiences with dead graphic cards? Or have a computer they love and would recommend?

Thanks for reading a whole post of me lamenting and paying tribute to my laptop. I'm not sure any of this really needed to be written we are.

*line from harry potter 3/grim defeat. nerd alert. 

pictures of said park outing

We've spent a few afternoons at our little patch of grass over the last few weeks. We don't stay for that long and I'm always worried a huge dog is going to come and trample us, but it's a nice little park for us. I felt like such a weirdo taking selfies (ugh, that word) with a baby because it's like you're not taking a picture of yourself because there is someone else there, but really, the other person is a baby, so yeah, you are just taking pictures of yourself.

I also wasn't sure what to do in the picture. Smiling normally felt weird because, well, see above. Since he wasn't super happy, I couldn't get him to smile with me. Most of the pictures I took make me look creepy...but I finally got one with my halfsmile that's like "oh, we're just hanging out in the park and this picture happened to be snapped."

Or something. I don't know.

may & library book hogging.

sam in his star wars day onesie...THREE MONTHS AGO.

May in Portland has been so great. Sunny and hot (almost too hot: portland weather has spoiled me). We've spent a few afternoons at a park (read: patch of grass) half a block away and it's been really nice. 

I started a class at portland community college about a month ago. I'm working on prereqs for a nursing program. I'm still not 100% certain what I want to do or what I feel is best for me to do, but I have enjoyed the class so far and if it's the only one I take, I'm glad for the review of biology, one of my favorite subjects. 

I've also been working on my stack of library books. I have a terrible habit of checking out too many at once, not starting them until they are due that week, and then renewing them until they won't let me anymore. For example, I had a book checked out last..fall? I can't even remember but I had to turn it in the day after Christmas. So most of Christmas eve and Christmas I read and read and read. (it's 400+ pages of atomic chemistry/physics. It's not dry, but not light!). I made it half-way through, turned it in and then placed it on hold. I didn't get it until February or so and...I still have it and have maybe read 10 more pages. !! 

I mean, I even tried motivating myself to get back into it by not renewing it and knowing I was accumulating a the end of the week I hadn't made significant progress so I renewed it. I mean, if no one else wants it...I guess I'll keep it all year! 

No, just kidding. Dave said to me, "I think you just want to have read it, but don't want to finish reading it." That is partially true, but I plan on turning it in at the end of the current 3-week checkout and if I don't finish it, well, maybe I will try again next year? 

I remember in sixth grade when the fourth harry potter book came out and I kept it for weeks, reading and re-reading it (nerd) until my mom found out and made me take it back so other kids could have a chance.

Am I the only one that has done this?