faithful, finally beaten*

After five years of heavy use, my computer has, it seemed, finally given up the good fight. Last week after I was using it for awhile it started getting weird pixel dots all over and over the course of many days, would start doing that immediately after restarting and the whole computer freezes and is useless. So everything is there (I did get in a last backup on my external hard drive) but my computer is just dying. I've replaced the battery, charger and upgraded the OS once already.

I think I would be more sad if not for the fact that it's so old (and I hate to think that 6 years is old for a computer) it can't run the updated versions of web browsers (I mean, really?). And I've wanted to upgrade the OS but Dave think that it won't make a difference; it will take so much to run the new OS that it will be new but still super slow. Basically at this point we are just waiting for both of our laptops to die and then we would buy a new computer.

And the worst part (1st world problem right here) is that now if I want to use a computer, I have to use Dave's PC which is just as old (at least) and has a whole host of its own problems. (plus I really, really prefer the mac OS) But at least it works, right? I use my phone for most of my internet "needs" but sometimes a computer is just better.

And it will probably take us another 495 years to agree on a computer to buy. (me: mac//him: pc).

Anyway, I've lugged that computer all over the place and it's done so much for me and I hate to say goodbye. It's a little insane how fast the technology world moves and I knew I couldn't keep my laptop forever, but I'm a little sad about it.

p.s. from what I've gathered my graphics card needs to be replaced. I haven't even bothered looking into how much that would be to replace or if it's possible or even worth it. So it may be able to come back from the dead but at this point...I don't know.

Anyone have any experiences with dead graphic cards? Or have a computer they love and would recommend?

Thanks for reading a whole post of me lamenting and paying tribute to my laptop. I'm not sure any of this really needed to be written we are.

*line from harry potter 3/grim defeat. nerd alert. 

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Lauren Haddow said...

The graphics card in my MacBook Pro died too. I'm looking into replacing it myself but its expensive to do it through apple! Probably better to put the money towards a new computer