looking cool on the max


A few Saturdays ago, Sam and I had a little adventure. Dave was sick at home and I wanted to do something so we walked to the mall downtown. I grabbed these sunglasses for Sam for $5 and I think they are adorable. I don't know, does that make me one of "those parents"? He really doesn't like the sun in his eyes (who does?) so I figure it's only fair to get him some sunglasses. 

We had plans to meet friends for koi fusion and I was running late. I told Dave I'd meet everyone there and on my way back, I thought maybe I'd take the max [portland's lightrail]. I haven't ridden it for over a year, because most places downtown are pretty easy to walk to or the lightrail doesn't help me any. But I figured I'd give it a try. Once I realized they got rid of fair zones, I knew it was definitely worth a try. It all went super smooth (I was a little worried about getting on/off with a stroller) and  Sam looked super cool waiting for it, don't you think? 

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Sara said...

He does look super cool!