may & library book hogging.

sam in his star wars day onesie...THREE MONTHS AGO.

May in Portland has been so great. Sunny and hot (almost too hot: portland weather has spoiled me). We've spent a few afternoons at a park (read: patch of grass) half a block away and it's been really nice. 

I started a class at portland community college about a month ago. I'm working on prereqs for a nursing program. I'm still not 100% certain what I want to do or what I feel is best for me to do, but I have enjoyed the class so far and if it's the only one I take, I'm glad for the review of biology, one of my favorite subjects. 

I've also been working on my stack of library books. I have a terrible habit of checking out too many at once, not starting them until they are due that week, and then renewing them until they won't let me anymore. For example, I had a book checked out last..fall? I can't even remember but I had to turn it in the day after Christmas. So most of Christmas eve and Christmas I read and read and read. (it's 400+ pages of atomic chemistry/physics. It's not dry, but not light!). I made it half-way through, turned it in and then placed it on hold. I didn't get it until February or so and...I still have it and have maybe read 10 more pages. !! 

I mean, I even tried motivating myself to get back into it by not renewing it and knowing I was accumulating a the end of the week I hadn't made significant progress so I renewed it. I mean, if no one else wants it...I guess I'll keep it all year! 

No, just kidding. Dave said to me, "I think you just want to have read it, but don't want to finish reading it." That is partially true, but I plan on turning it in at the end of the current 3-week checkout and if I don't finish it, well, maybe I will try again next year? 

I remember in sixth grade when the fourth harry potter book came out and I kept it for weeks, reading and re-reading it (nerd) until my mom found out and made me take it back so other kids could have a chance.

Am I the only one that has done this?


Lacey Parr said...

i do the same thing! i put so many on hold and i end up getting them all at the same time. i check out like 5 books and then don't have the time to finish them. i end up turning in some on time and just eating the fine on my favorites. luckily it's only like ten cents a week or something here. hashtag nerd problems :)

Katya said...

hahaha I love this. Grad students here get a really long borrowing period, so this has become a major problem for me...I've had like 8 books checked out since last year and have read a total of maybe 50 pages. This is a good reminder to go start reading!

Katya said...

Also: that onesie. Perfection.

Kristen said...

I'm totally guilty of checking out books that I know I'll probably never read. I love walking around the library collecting a big stack of books, but then get them home and they sit on my dresser for a month until they're due. The only books I'm sure to at least browse are cookbooks, of the rest I probably only read 10% at best. It really is kind of odd isn't it?