I can't believe my sister Alisa has graduated! That means I graduated six years ago! What the what? I mean, six years isn't a long time, but in some ways, it is. I remember graduating like it was yesterday. And I remember starting college and all those things. And now I'm married, graduated from college, lived a few places across the country and now have a baby.

Best of luck to all the new grads as they start the next phase of life. It's waaaaaaaaaaaay better than high school, in my opinion. One of the speakers at her commencement said something like "and we'd do it all over again if we could." Honestly, I wouldn't repeat high school for a million dollars. Or I would if I knew what I know now, like how little it all really matters and how high school heartbreaks, while I am the first to argue that they are real, aren't permanent. I did have a lot of fun in high school and there are some people that I wish I saw more, if only to relive our good ol' days. My best friends from high school are still my best friends and I am glad we had so much fun, but oh boy, I wouldn't not go through all that angst again.

Plus, can you even imagine going through high school without (or with?) the technology we have now? I didn't have facebook until after I graduated. I mean, we would hand write pages and pages of excruciating detail (sorry Megan!) and pass notes to each other. Can you imagine doing that now? And it's only been 6 years! Now we use instagram, facebook and blogs to tell people about our lives. I suppose I still write really long text messages or emails that take the place of notes. And sometimes I write really long blogs. It's like I'm writing you all a note and folding it up some cool way and passing it to you between periods.

And looking back now I don't know why we felt it was necessary to narrate every.single.detail of that happened. (or was that just me??) someways that is what we do now, just less specific to one person. I guess we still feel the need to tell people about the details of our lives, but just in new ways. I can't really imagine what it is like to live without other people knowing what you're doing, almost daily. That probably sounds ridiculous, but I doubt I'm the only one.

Ok, major segue. How did we get to my deep thoughts on writing notes to friends?

Anyways, congrats to the class of '13!

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Amy and Mark said...

I'm with you...wouldn't do it again for a million dollars!!!! I did have a lot of fun though!!! Love you, love your blog!!!