more portland eats


We have checked a few more places out in Portland and man, they were all so good. We tried a restaurant called toro bravo for my birthday and it was so good! It came recommended, both from a friend and the internets, and we were not disappointed. I think we had the best pulled pork ever along with a delicious empanada and some flat bread with black truffle cheese (delicious!). Sam was so so good, just taking in the beat and all the noise. He basically looked like that the whole time.

And as mentioned, we tried the caramel panna cotta for dessert. I think panna cotta is my new favorite dessert. A few weeks ago we celebrated my brother-in-law's high school graduation with dessert at papa haydn's. I ordered a piece of mint truffle torte and Dave ordered berry panna cotta. He ate a little over half and then I promptly ate the rest. I mean, nursing?

Also, sometimes I realize how the reverse camera on my phone is SO MUCH WORSE than the other direction. Oh well.  

Last week a friend and I stopped at the pearl bakery. I tried a rhubarb bressane (some sort of pastry) and man, rhubarb. I have never had it in my life and I was pleasantly surprised and am now planning to explore this strange vegetable this summer. 


Shanna Selin said...

Love Sam's crab shirt!

kt said...

just know that rhubarb greens are poisonous :) but I'm with you - so delicious and a strawberry-rhubarb pie is amazing. Just sayin'

Katya said...

All of these foods sound soooo good. I need to come to Portland and do nothing but eat good food with you. Also, new blog design? (or maybe old because I always read blogs in feedly and don't see the actual site that often?) It looks great!