playing dead

Sam, like any baby, likes being held. When Sam was a newborn, I mostly held up him up my chest when I wasn't feeding him (it totally keeps your arms from getting as tired). I don't know if that's why, but unless he is being fed, he doesn't lay normally in your arms like most babies. Or what I think most babies do. And I guess unless he is sleeping, he's too big to be cradled anyway. (sad) He used to always crane his head to look behind him/over your arm. On Sunday, he was doing this:
 Totally zoned out; the arm flailed out totally killed us.

Sam has a few new tricks these days, and no, they don't include rolling to get to places. I don't know if he will ever do that, but we're totally fine with it. But, he can basically sit up now. It's crazy to think that just a month ago, 5 seconds of balance was a big thing. Now he can go 15 minutes or more, but if we leave him sitting for that long, we'll put some pillows around him. Last night he fell forward a bit and then stayed like this for a few minutes: 
His other trick includes break dancing! Or bear tracking. We often say how we think Sam is just an observer (a nice way of saying he is lazy). But he'll end up on his stomach and start crying and Dave is always just like "well do something about it, man!" But he doesn't seem to quite trust rolling yet.

We moved his crib into his room (wall) last week. I was a little sad to do so, which is kind of funny because I was planning on him being there from day one, but Dave wanted to move him into our room. We just decided that when we couldn't go on with our normal activities with him in the main pathway of our apartment, we would move him back.

It could have been the introduction of solids, vacation or who knows what, but the week following our vacation was miserable! He would wake up way more than he did earlier this month, and it got to the point that I couldn't remember what he even did before this mess of sleep. But Saturday night and every night since, he has slept through the night! And not the official "sleep through the night" which is 5 hours, but more like 10 hours! His previous record was two nights in a row of 11-7, so we were pretty happy the streak lasted longer than two nights. And who knows, he might start waking up agian because with babies, nothing is forever.

I don't even think it has much to do with moving him, more like it was just a coincidence and he was finally ready to mostly give up night feedings, but wahoo! 

And last night we gave him a sweet potato wedge and the next thing we know, it's totally gone. He pounded it down and just left the skin behind. He's starting to eat more solid food more consistently, which is pretty fun. It's fun to watch him try new things and learn how to do things! Although, honestly, I wish I could just breastfeed him forever. It's so easy! No clean up (well, mostly), no prep, no handing him back what he dropped for the 586th time...I just see a future of me cleaning up the table area 3 times a day for the next however long and it seems really dull and monotonous. I mean, I won't even tell you how often we cleaned the table before this. Or even ate at the table...! Any tips on this new part of parenthood?

family bbq

My parents had a fun family bbq on the last night we were there. It was so fun to see grandparents, some aunts and uncles and cute little cousins. (and big cousins) We were glad so many could come party with us!

My sister and I were in charge of the desserts. All three we whipped up are from Mel (whom I usually refer to like she's my bff), and the favorite was her coconut cream pie. I've found myself liking coconut more and more as I've cooked with it over the past year or so, and I even can stand an occasional dessert with the actual flakes in it! I think it's all thanks to Trader Joe's roasted coconut flakes. yum.

sam + friends

I think sam really loves his uncle colby. 

or it could be he loves guys in checkered shirts? 

We were so grateful to a lot of our friends who were willing to squeeze us into their days while we were in Utah! We love to catch up with old friends. We also got to eat out at a few of our favorite places and try a really delicious new place (cubby's) (thanks boswells!)

on vacation

We spent the rest of our week in utah swimming, swinging and hanging out. And yes, those are Sam's plastic pants that he had to wear at the city pool. Sam had a lot of fun swimming! I think he is a natural (as are, ahem, all babies...). We also got some delicious hawaiian ice (tiger's blood aaaall the way, amiright?). And Sam always had sometime to give him undivided attention, which I am sure he loved.

park city take 2

The main reason we went to Utah was to go on a little family vacation to park city. We went a few years ago and it was really fun. This year we stayed in a house near Olympic park (see sam the skier, above) and it was fun swimming, shopping and riding the rides at park city resort. Sam even got to ride the carousel, which he really wanted to eat (yuck). 


Oh my, do we love Sam at six months. I say this every month, but he is so fun. He can sit up for a few minutes at a time, loves fresh peaches and bananas, and is still mostly an observer (and we don't complain about that!). He is the sweetest and always has big smiles and crinkly-nosed faces for us. (except when he doesn't, of course). 

His screeching phase is over (for now) but he still talks a lot to whomever will listen. He loves to grab  at faces and arms, and seems to love Dave's face/neck the most. ha!

My most favorite part about month 6 is grabbing toes. It's the cutest, and we are impressed as his growing flexibility. Two months ago there was no way he could have done it.

We had a lot of fun on our trip to Utah and I will be posting about that for the next few days. I'm still trying to get caught up with things and these pictures are a little late. I put together this collage and wow, is Portland all over the place as far as lighting goes?

i just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs. it's all i've ever wanted

[baby selfie, so it's normal, right?]

On Saturday, Dave rode his bike to the coast (95 miles). Yikes, right? Meanwhile, Sam and I took like a 3 hour nap (I didn't mean to sleep that long but I figured since I was going to be driving alone, I might as well not be tired) and then moseyed our way to the coast. We had use of a ward member's family's beach house and it was a few minutes from the beach. Turns out we had to walk through a mini forest and on a tiny path in the middle of knee high grass and OH MY GOSH SNAKES. I was convinced they were all around me and at one point I heard something rustle right next to me in the grass. I was paralyzed with fear and was halfway there. Do I turn back or keep going?

After what seemed like an eternity of internal debating, I decided to make a run for it. Not really, but also, really. But we made it and it was wonderful! Perfect sitting-on-the-beach weather and we had a fun hour to hang out before Dave arrived. Then, luckily, I went back with some other people I knew so I wouldn't have died alone with only Sam to help me in the beachforrest.

Sam dipped his toes in the pacific ocean and played in the sand. He seemed to like it okay, and then fell asleep on the way back and I hyperventilated over nature.

pathetic much?

and also, I'm really proud of Dave for riding 95 miles! He is amazing!

the 4th

We had a great 4th of July last week. Dave went for a bike ride in the morning and then we went berry picking. Sauvie Island is 20 minutes north of Portland and it was a nice drive and they had delicious berries! We had fun picking (Dave did most of it since I couldn't really bend) and enjoyed the nice weather. 

Like most of the nation, we were recovering from that heat wave that turned us into a puddle on the couch. We don't have AC and man, it was hot and humid. And there were a few nights where Sam needed the fan to sleep and we had to sit in the living room being really hot. True love right there. 

BUT the 4th was slightly breezy, slightly cloudy and wonderful. And full of fresh berries!

Then we had some friends over for dinner where I made these chicken skewers and these fun fruit skewers and we had fun until it was getting dark. We went up to a bridge that is close to our house, thinking it would be the perfect view. There were a lot of people gathering there and so we thought they must not all be there for the first time (like we were). It is a great view of Portland and we could see the little fireworks all on the East side. We waited and waited and finally, the big show on the waterfront!  

Oh, right behind the building! So we just saw the side ones and the ones that cleared the building. They weren't nearly as big and over us as I had imagined. Oh well, at least we saw some! Maybe next year we will go to the waterfront. I hope you all had a great 4th and saw (and heard) some BIG fireworks.

party in the park


On Saturday we had a little picnic at the rose garden with a few of our friends to celebrate my birthday (I feel a little narcissistic writing that). It was fun to eat some good food with the friends we've made here and as a bonus have birthday cake. After our spread (guacamole, bruschetta, cheese and crackers (smoked gouda from trader joe's = fabulous, fruit, etc.) we walked up to the garden with those who were left and played a few rounds of bocce ball. The roses are in full bloom and it was just a little humid, but overall great weather. 

Dave was so great for planning it and while I did help with the food prep and stuff, he did all the rest. Including making me this fantastic cake! (inspiration here) He is probably tired of me bragging about it to everyone, but really. This cake! His first homemade cake! He made this yellow cake and this frosting (after much searching by me). I did the assembling and the crumb coat, but he did the rest. And it was really good too. The frosting held up really well in the heat/humidity. 

The gold candles were my favorite part and they took forever to light and then the breeze basically blew them all out during the song, but...oh well. I got to blow out a couple. :) And also, I think tall, metallic candles are the coolest.