party in the park


On Saturday we had a little picnic at the rose garden with a few of our friends to celebrate my birthday (I feel a little narcissistic writing that). It was fun to eat some good food with the friends we've made here and as a bonus have birthday cake. After our spread (guacamole, bruschetta, cheese and crackers (smoked gouda from trader joe's = fabulous, fruit, etc.) we walked up to the garden with those who were left and played a few rounds of bocce ball. The roses are in full bloom and it was just a little humid, but overall great weather. 

Dave was so great for planning it and while I did help with the food prep and stuff, he did all the rest. Including making me this fantastic cake! (inspiration here) He is probably tired of me bragging about it to everyone, but really. This cake! His first homemade cake! He made this yellow cake and this frosting (after much searching by me). I did the assembling and the crumb coat, but he did the rest. And it was really good too. The frosting held up really well in the heat/humidity. 

The gold candles were my favorite part and they took forever to light and then the breeze basically blew them all out during the song, but...oh well. I got to blow out a couple. :) And also, I think tall, metallic candles are the coolest.

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Kristen said...

Gorgeous cake and candles!Sounds like a perfect party!