playing dead

Sam, like any baby, likes being held. When Sam was a newborn, I mostly held up him up my chest when I wasn't feeding him (it totally keeps your arms from getting as tired). I don't know if that's why, but unless he is being fed, he doesn't lay normally in your arms like most babies. Or what I think most babies do. And I guess unless he is sleeping, he's too big to be cradled anyway. (sad) He used to always crane his head to look behind him/over your arm. On Sunday, he was doing this:
 Totally zoned out; the arm flailed out totally killed us.

Sam has a few new tricks these days, and no, they don't include rolling to get to places. I don't know if he will ever do that, but we're totally fine with it. But, he can basically sit up now. It's crazy to think that just a month ago, 5 seconds of balance was a big thing. Now he can go 15 minutes or more, but if we leave him sitting for that long, we'll put some pillows around him. Last night he fell forward a bit and then stayed like this for a few minutes: 
His other trick includes break dancing! Or bear tracking. We often say how we think Sam is just an observer (a nice way of saying he is lazy). But he'll end up on his stomach and start crying and Dave is always just like "well do something about it, man!" But he doesn't seem to quite trust rolling yet.

We moved his crib into his room (wall) last week. I was a little sad to do so, which is kind of funny because I was planning on him being there from day one, but Dave wanted to move him into our room. We just decided that when we couldn't go on with our normal activities with him in the main pathway of our apartment, we would move him back.

It could have been the introduction of solids, vacation or who knows what, but the week following our vacation was miserable! He would wake up way more than he did earlier this month, and it got to the point that I couldn't remember what he even did before this mess of sleep. But Saturday night and every night since, he has slept through the night! And not the official "sleep through the night" which is 5 hours, but more like 10 hours! His previous record was two nights in a row of 11-7, so we were pretty happy the streak lasted longer than two nights. And who knows, he might start waking up agian because with babies, nothing is forever.

I don't even think it has much to do with moving him, more like it was just a coincidence and he was finally ready to mostly give up night feedings, but wahoo! 

And last night we gave him a sweet potato wedge and the next thing we know, it's totally gone. He pounded it down and just left the skin behind. He's starting to eat more solid food more consistently, which is pretty fun. It's fun to watch him try new things and learn how to do things! Although, honestly, I wish I could just breastfeed him forever. It's so easy! No clean up (well, mostly), no prep, no handing him back what he dropped for the 586th time...I just see a future of me cleaning up the table area 3 times a day for the next however long and it seems really dull and monotonous. I mean, I won't even tell you how often we cleaned the table before this. Or even ate at the table...! Any tips on this new part of parenthood?


Shanna Selin said...

I want to breastfed forever too! Except that I don't because I like not having milk in me. Haha. But it is super convenient. And my tip is just don't clean up the mess. It'll just get messy again so why bother. Haha.

And it is funny that Sam is so good at sitting up but not rolling over. Daisy is awful at sitting up (she can't do it at all) but great at rolling.

Lacey Parr said...

Oh the table/highchair/floor/wall mess... Sometime after dinner I just look around and almost cry. It is monotonous. Every meal. Every day. But it gets better. You learn his preferences. You get quicker (catching the food before it hits the floor). You get smarter (learning his cues for being done). And then you have another baby and get to do it all over again! Yaaaay. ;)

Emily said...

Totally agree on the breastfeeding is just less messy part. I remember being a little jealous of moms on a walk or something and when their toddler is hungry they can just give them a cracker or something, but really, the intro to solids and the mess can be crazy. Just strip him down, and do bath time afterwards if you want. I'm all for another activity anyway. Bath time equals perfect time filler and the kid gets clean in the mean time!

Oh, also, not that it's perfect, but we worked on signing words for a bit and now Hank can say "done". Not that he always does it before he tries to throw something on the ground, and it took a while, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel!

And did we really talk for an hour and I still have all this stuff to say to you? Craziness.

Aly said...

it feels so pointless to sweep the floor. we do baby-led weaning (no purees or spoon feeding in case you're unfamiliar) and i really think the mess is the only drawback. i know some people put down plastic tarps or shower curtains under the high chair to help with clean up. we use the ikea high chair which is super easy to clean, and he wears one of our t shirts as a bib (covers everything!) but i think it's just a phase. it definitely makes nursing even more appealing because it's so much easier. it still is nice even now at 17 months when i forget snacks at home because i can nurse him and it's cleaner and quicker than anything else.

Kiana McAllister said...

If there's one thing I've learned is life is chaotic with kids and the more you try to control the more chaotic it seems. You seem like a pretty awesome mom so just do what feels good for you :)

And, your kid is adorable! Just thought I'd throw that in

Sara said...

Just feed him in the bathtub ;) jk, idk anything about parenting- good luck!

Sara said...

Okay here's a better tip- get a dog to clean up the mess! (just ignore the part about how then you'd have to clean up after the dog....) ;)