the 4th

We had a great 4th of July last week. Dave went for a bike ride in the morning and then we went berry picking. Sauvie Island is 20 minutes north of Portland and it was a nice drive and they had delicious berries! We had fun picking (Dave did most of it since I couldn't really bend) and enjoyed the nice weather. 

Like most of the nation, we were recovering from that heat wave that turned us into a puddle on the couch. We don't have AC and man, it was hot and humid. And there were a few nights where Sam needed the fan to sleep and we had to sit in the living room being really hot. True love right there. 

BUT the 4th was slightly breezy, slightly cloudy and wonderful. And full of fresh berries!

Then we had some friends over for dinner where I made these chicken skewers and these fun fruit skewers and we had fun until it was getting dark. We went up to a bridge that is close to our house, thinking it would be the perfect view. There were a lot of people gathering there and so we thought they must not all be there for the first time (like we were). It is a great view of Portland and we could see the little fireworks all on the East side. We waited and waited and finally, the big show on the waterfront!  

Oh, right behind the building! So we just saw the side ones and the ones that cleared the building. They weren't nearly as big and over us as I had imagined. Oh well, at least we saw some! Maybe next year we will go to the waterfront. I hope you all had a great 4th and saw (and heard) some BIG fireworks.


Kristen said...

Sound like a great 4th! Those berries looks delicious. We need to find a you pick farm this summer. Bummer on the building blocking the fireworks! Our firework view was similar - somewhat obstructed by trees. Oh well.

Katya said...

You are too cute! Those berries look so good, now I'm dying to go pick my own too. Sorry about the building block! We have a similar problem with our roofdeck...

(and I think I just wrote the same comment as Kristen, phrased slightly differently. ha.)