the thoughts of august.

I've noticed lately how short hair really gets a bad rap. Every one acts like wanting to cut their hair short is like being tempted to participate in oceans-eleven-style thievery. I mean, I could be biased since I think for the better part of the last six years, I've had short hair, but sheesh! I love short hair! It takes 5 minutes to do and is really fun. Does anyone just enjoy short hair? Or is it immediately "now I'm growing it out". Also, why is long hair such a thing?  More so than short or medium hair?

I know these thoughts are really something.

I also realize that yes, it takes 30 seconds to have short hair and 30 million months to grow it back, but it does grow back. I have currently been "growing my hair out" since last november, and I've painstakingly managed to get four inches out of my hair. (not that I've been doing anything besides willing it to grow faster?) I'm pretty close to the length I want it...and wouldn't you know, I kind of want to cut it. I mean, there is all this hair in my way and on my neck. ! But, I'm hoping that once my hair reaches the length I want, it will be magical. My hair loves to flip out as it grows along my neck, which has been the trial of the last 6 months (joke). But really. I'm torn on what to do as fall/winter approaches with its rain and humidity.

And also, the length I have wanted my hair to be for months is now the "it' hair cut, so of course by the time I actually get there, it will be smack-dab in the middle of trendy. I suppose that is the story of my life. Ah well.

In other news, I've hit this sort of "fall cleaning" thing this week, where I've been cleaning and organizing and actually finishing things on my list that have been there for months. Hello, pile of papers waiting to be scanned SINCE JANUARY. And now there are two empty shelves in our apartment, which some of you small-space dwellers may know how awesome that is.

And we are going camping tonight and hopefully it will go well. We haven't gone camping for years, and the last time we went, I had the worst (and only?) migraine of my life and threw up during breakfast (but you know, as far off as I was able to go) with our new ward. So, yeah. I feel it can only go up from there.

Camping is something Dave really enjoys but unfortunately for him, we've only been once since we got married. It's like one of those things that I want to enjoy with him since he likes it so much, but..that may take some work. My family went camping a lot when I was younger (although the later years were in a tent trailer), but it just isn't my favorite. I like being in nature and all of that, but ugh. I really, really, really hate bugs. But we are talking about going backpacking next summer and I almost want to do it just to prove I can. Because I probably can. And I love to defy expectations. ha.

Dave would love to go but he remains mostly convinced that "I think that is something you think you want to do, but wouldn't really like it and wouldn't want to do it'. AKA I would complain the whole time. Which is probably a fair prediction, as I am kind of a wimp. But I love a challenge and I would love to prove him wrong. (in a good way).

Don't ask me how we got from short hair to camping, but there you go. I feel like it's been awhile since I wrote about anything but trip summaries (not that this is golden writing, by any means), but perhaps some of you can share your thoughts on hair, extra shelves or backpacking.


For a few weeks in July/August, Sam and I went to a little baby swim class with his friend Macie (and my friend Aubrey). It was a lot of fun, although the pool was a little colder than I would have liked. Sam didn't seem to mind. He loves to be in the water and I'm hoping he'll be swimming across the pool in no time :)

party for silas!

Our last day in San Francisco was spent celebrating sweet baby Silas! Bruce blessed Silas and then we had a delicious lunch after. Then we spent the afternoon visiting with family before we had a late flight home. It was a fun day! All these pictures were taken by Bruce (maybe Karren too).

Classic Sam face: 

Can I tell you about this cake? It was amazing. Lemon cake with raspberry filling and a lemon butter cream frosting. THE BEST frosting, ever. I think everyone, cake and non-cake lovers alike, swooned over this cake.

Or maybe it was just me? I don't know.

Thanks for the great party, b & k!

golden gate


The last big activity we did while in San Francisco (excluding the actual reason we were there!) was bike across the golden gate bridge. This was Dave's one big thing he wanted to do (and me too, I guess!)

Dave's parents flew in on Saturday and then Dave's dad, Dave and I headed back into the city to rent some bikes and go on our ride. Traffic was terrible, naturally, but we eventually ended up on the trail after having scored a free four hour parking spot!

It was actually a really nice day for San Francisco in August, but we were by the coast and it was super windy. The bike path had some great views of presidio, the coast and crissy field. And we eventually got to the bridge, only having to bike up a few hills. :)

Now the ride across the bridge was lovely. Also, it was even windier! Like, around the big pillars of the bridge, we had to walk our bikes around the curve because the wind would literally tip us over. It was insane. We stopped a few times to laugh about the wind and enjoy the great view! We did not feel like biking up the HUGE hill to the lookout spot, but decided to save that for another time when we would just drive across the bridge. But goal = met as far as we were concerned!

The other side of the bridge, the bridge itself and the little park/lookout on the city side of it still offered gorgeous and amazing views of the city and coast. We could also see the cliffs of the Land's End Trail that we had walked on the day before. I just kept thinking that it was the most beautiful coast I'd ever seen! The clouds, the fog, the bridges, cities, cliffs, light filtering through the was beautiful! 

The ride back was way easier than the ride up (wahoo!) and we made it back in no time, still stopping here and there for the great views (I guess I was the only one who wanted to take off my helmet and stay awhile :))

One thing I kind of regret is not stopping at this little booth along fisherman's wharf. You know how most places have their row of all the street vendors and stuff? This one guy had these adorable san francisco prints and since I'm still thinking about it, I clearly should have stopped! They were simple prints/illustrations of the bridge and maybe some silhouettes of people in red and I think it was just my style. If you are headed that direction, you should see if you can find him with my limited memories!

how we planned the day around food


Basically our plan for San Francisco was to do free things or things that we didn't have to worry about ticket/time-wise. Or really, I had a list of restaurants to try and I found sites within walking distance. See also: too late to get tickets to Alcatraz/Sam being too young to enjoy other things. I tried to make the whole day efficient and it worked out pretty well. We had a great day. The weather was beautiful!

After Land's End Trail, we took a bus into the city and ate lunch at a really great pizza place, pizzeria delfina. Then we walked to the painted ladies. From there, we walked down towards city hall, stopping to eat ice cream at smitten, which was made with liquid nitrogen. It was delicious! We also stopped in miette (cute treat shop) and I got some macarons from la boulange. I've never had ones from Paris or anything, so I'm not picky. These were delicious.

We then finished our route to city hall and looked around. We were going to take the street car uptown, but the line was sooo long and we were meeting someone for dinner and we decided that we didn't want to wait and pay 3x the price for aglorified windy bus ride. However, I do think it would be cool to ride one someday, but it wasn't a huge deal. We eventually got the bus we needed and headed up to off the grid, which is a gathering of food trucks at fort mason. It's right on the bay and has a gorgeous view. We met up with one of Dave's old buddies, Matt, and he showed us his favorites and we had a great time. They also had a creme brulee truck! yum.

Saturday morning we drove down to tartine for brunch, meeting up with Matt again. This is in the mission district, which I liked. It had the coolest park (dolores) and some toys/swings that I really wanted to play on, but you know, I didn't. We had a delicious chocolate croissant (and a breakfast sandwich) and chased brunch down with ice cream from bi-rite creamery, which doesn't everyone do? It was cool because usually that place has a line around the block, but at 11:30, it totally doesn't. Their balsamic strawberry and cinnamon snicker-doodle ice cream was so good! Thanks go to Matt for all the food recommendations!

And one more note: the picture of the ice cream below is kind of a joke. I was thinking of the scene from parks and rec where we learn how Tom is a foodie, which means, "taking instagrams of food instead of eating it." I was telling Dave this and then was like...wait! I'll take a picture of it and he just looked at me and laughed.

So that was our quick [food] tour of San Francisco! There are a few more places I'd love to go back and try and a few things we didn't end up having time to do (coit tower and telegraph hill, for starters). It was nice having done a few things last time we were there.

I loved San Francisco. I mean, it's not that huge, but also, it's huge. I can't get over it and can't quite explain it. I think it seems huge because there are so many hills, so you always are seeing more and more and more houses! Big buildings aren't blocking most of the city and it's just all in your face. I love it. Also, I could not live there realistically because those hills would kill me!

But I would, theoretically.

Also, Sam was a heart breaker in that beanie. 


Seven months! Sam's a full-blown sitter, tongue clicker, lover of babies (he thinks they are hilarious), and as usual, a funny-face-and-sound maker. He still doesn't complain too much and we still are head over heels for this kid. Dave is the only one who can really get him to full-on baby giggle, but last night he though my hiccups were hilarious.

He also has a great rhythm. He likes to bang on the table or his knee (like you're telling the funniest joke) or your hand (high fives and he doesn't even know it!). He also will scratch the inside of his stroller like he's a trapped prisoner and he's trying to get out. He's done that for a few months and I think it's pretty funny.

He is also the master of fake coughs. I'm not sure I've caught it on video, but man. People don't believe us until they are left alone with him or something. Often he fake coughs his way into real coughs. He will also bend over flat when he's sitting, it's quite impressive. He did it first at a place that had great carpet and he must have wanted a taste. He's into yoga, I guess. He is starting to move towards things he wants from a sitting position or even reaching for it on his stomach, but the most he really does is rotate himself around.

He also has started singing (or "singing"). At first his noises were loud and low (he still does those), and now he's exploring these sweet, higher pitched sounds and it really sounds like he's singing to you. It's sweet.  We think his favorite song is "patty cake" because he always starts smiling right before the "as fast as you can". He loves pretty much anything, and there isn't anything better than him looking over at you and breaking into a huge grin.

land's end trail or dreamy san francisco


We were lucky enough to stay in San Francisco (big thanks to family hookups!) for two nights. We were staying near the west coast of San Francisco and we were a few blocks from a trail called Land's End Trail. On Thursday morning, we walked up to the trail and walked around for an hour or so. It was a pretty easy hike/walk and we really enjoyed it.

It was foggy and misty at first, but it cleared up at the perfect time when we got to the best views. The trails lead you along some cliffs on the coast and it is just gorgeous! It really seemed like a dream, the coast covered in fog and we just saw the golden gate bridge appearing out of the fog, slowly.

Sam was pretty good on the walk; he tolerated the carrier for a bit, but just wanted to be able to see more. So we carried him for a while and then put him back in and he slept on the way home.

One thing I always lament when we are seeing something so beautiful is that a camera (or at least my iphone) can never fully capture it! We could see things so well and it was just unbelievable being up on those cliffs, seeing the rocks, beach, across the bridge, the huge pillars of the bridge, the horizon....

Hopefully someday we will upgrade our camera. We walked down to the outlook in hopes to see the remains of a shipwreck, but we missed the low tide. We did see some sea lions near the shore, which was fun!

And isn't Sam's hat adorable? Thanks to his cousin Silas for lending Sam some hats for the weekend. This hat was a hit. Also, it was so windy and misty. My hair...oh my! Oh well, what can you do? Put it in a pony tail, usually.

gigantic desserts and cousins

We had so much fun in San Francisco! We went to visit Dave's brother, Bruce, and his wife, Karren, who blessed their new baby Silas. They live about an hour outside of the city and the first day  we hung out with them. They showed us around Google (where Bruce works) and we finally got to meet cute little (and I mean little...he seems so tiny!) Silas. We are all so jealous of his hair and had fun cuddling with him. I can hardly remember when Sam was that small!

And Sam could hardly believe the huge desserts sitting outside Bruce's building. I mean, look at his face! I die. I put up the instagram version because it's zoomed in on his hilarious face.