Seven months! Sam's a full-blown sitter, tongue clicker, lover of babies (he thinks they are hilarious), and as usual, a funny-face-and-sound maker. He still doesn't complain too much and we still are head over heels for this kid. Dave is the only one who can really get him to full-on baby giggle, but last night he though my hiccups were hilarious.

He also has a great rhythm. He likes to bang on the table or his knee (like you're telling the funniest joke) or your hand (high fives and he doesn't even know it!). He also will scratch the inside of his stroller like he's a trapped prisoner and he's trying to get out. He's done that for a few months and I think it's pretty funny.

He is also the master of fake coughs. I'm not sure I've caught it on video, but man. People don't believe us until they are left alone with him or something. Often he fake coughs his way into real coughs. He will also bend over flat when he's sitting, it's quite impressive. He did it first at a place that had great carpet and he must have wanted a taste. He's into yoga, I guess. He is starting to move towards things he wants from a sitting position or even reaching for it on his stomach, but the most he really does is rotate himself around.

He also has started singing (or "singing"). At first his noises were loud and low (he still does those), and now he's exploring these sweet, higher pitched sounds and it really sounds like he's singing to you. It's sweet.  We think his favorite song is "patty cake" because he always starts smiling right before the "as fast as you can". He loves pretty much anything, and there isn't anything better than him looking over at you and breaking into a huge grin.


Shanna Selin said...

I love him! He and Daisy would have so much fun together!

Sarah said...

Love this. I can't wait to hear Milo's laugh. Happy 7 month Sam!

lindsay said...

he is so freaking cute. i love him! also, do you use cloth diapers? i totally never thought you did, but the pic in the top right looks like it. AND hahaha fake coughs. i laughed reading that part.