gigantic desserts and cousins

We had so much fun in San Francisco! We went to visit Dave's brother, Bruce, and his wife, Karren, who blessed their new baby Silas. They live about an hour outside of the city and the first day  we hung out with them. They showed us around Google (where Bruce works) and we finally got to meet cute little (and I mean little...he seems so tiny!) Silas. We are all so jealous of his hair and had fun cuddling with him. I can hardly remember when Sam was that small!

And Sam could hardly believe the huge desserts sitting outside Bruce's building. I mean, look at his face! I die. I put up the instagram version because it's zoomed in on his hilarious face.


Katya said...

Ah that face!!! Too good. So jealous you guys got to visit San Francisco!

Kristen said...

Love that face! And Sam is getting so big! Isn't it crazy when you compare your baby to a newborn? It's crazy how much they grow and change in just a few months.