golden gate


The last big activity we did while in San Francisco (excluding the actual reason we were there!) was bike across the golden gate bridge. This was Dave's one big thing he wanted to do (and me too, I guess!)

Dave's parents flew in on Saturday and then Dave's dad, Dave and I headed back into the city to rent some bikes and go on our ride. Traffic was terrible, naturally, but we eventually ended up on the trail after having scored a free four hour parking spot!

It was actually a really nice day for San Francisco in August, but we were by the coast and it was super windy. The bike path had some great views of presidio, the coast and crissy field. And we eventually got to the bridge, only having to bike up a few hills. :)

Now the ride across the bridge was lovely. Also, it was even windier! Like, around the big pillars of the bridge, we had to walk our bikes around the curve because the wind would literally tip us over. It was insane. We stopped a few times to laugh about the wind and enjoy the great view! We did not feel like biking up the HUGE hill to the lookout spot, but decided to save that for another time when we would just drive across the bridge. But goal = met as far as we were concerned!

The other side of the bridge, the bridge itself and the little park/lookout on the city side of it still offered gorgeous and amazing views of the city and coast. We could also see the cliffs of the Land's End Trail that we had walked on the day before. I just kept thinking that it was the most beautiful coast I'd ever seen! The clouds, the fog, the bridges, cities, cliffs, light filtering through the was beautiful! 

The ride back was way easier than the ride up (wahoo!) and we made it back in no time, still stopping here and there for the great views (I guess I was the only one who wanted to take off my helmet and stay awhile :))

One thing I kind of regret is not stopping at this little booth along fisherman's wharf. You know how most places have their row of all the street vendors and stuff? This one guy had these adorable san francisco prints and since I'm still thinking about it, I clearly should have stopped! They were simple prints/illustrations of the bridge and maybe some silhouettes of people in red and I think it was just my style. If you are headed that direction, you should see if you can find him with my limited memories!

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