how we planned the day around food


Basically our plan for San Francisco was to do free things or things that we didn't have to worry about ticket/time-wise. Or really, I had a list of restaurants to try and I found sites within walking distance. See also: too late to get tickets to Alcatraz/Sam being too young to enjoy other things. I tried to make the whole day efficient and it worked out pretty well. We had a great day. The weather was beautiful!

After Land's End Trail, we took a bus into the city and ate lunch at a really great pizza place, pizzeria delfina. Then we walked to the painted ladies. From there, we walked down towards city hall, stopping to eat ice cream at smitten, which was made with liquid nitrogen. It was delicious! We also stopped in miette (cute treat shop) and I got some macarons from la boulange. I've never had ones from Paris or anything, so I'm not picky. These were delicious.

We then finished our route to city hall and looked around. We were going to take the street car uptown, but the line was sooo long and we were meeting someone for dinner and we decided that we didn't want to wait and pay 3x the price for aglorified windy bus ride. However, I do think it would be cool to ride one someday, but it wasn't a huge deal. We eventually got the bus we needed and headed up to off the grid, which is a gathering of food trucks at fort mason. It's right on the bay and has a gorgeous view. We met up with one of Dave's old buddies, Matt, and he showed us his favorites and we had a great time. They also had a creme brulee truck! yum.

Saturday morning we drove down to tartine for brunch, meeting up with Matt again. This is in the mission district, which I liked. It had the coolest park (dolores) and some toys/swings that I really wanted to play on, but you know, I didn't. We had a delicious chocolate croissant (and a breakfast sandwich) and chased brunch down with ice cream from bi-rite creamery, which doesn't everyone do? It was cool because usually that place has a line around the block, but at 11:30, it totally doesn't. Their balsamic strawberry and cinnamon snicker-doodle ice cream was so good! Thanks go to Matt for all the food recommendations!

And one more note: the picture of the ice cream below is kind of a joke. I was thinking of the scene from parks and rec where we learn how Tom is a foodie, which means, "taking instagrams of food instead of eating it." I was telling Dave this and then was like...wait! I'll take a picture of it and he just looked at me and laughed.

So that was our quick [food] tour of San Francisco! There are a few more places I'd love to go back and try and a few things we didn't end up having time to do (coit tower and telegraph hill, for starters). It was nice having done a few things last time we were there.

I loved San Francisco. I mean, it's not that huge, but also, it's huge. I can't get over it and can't quite explain it. I think it seems huge because there are so many hills, so you always are seeing more and more and more houses! Big buildings aren't blocking most of the city and it's just all in your face. I love it. Also, I could not live there realistically because those hills would kill me!

But I would, theoretically.

Also, Sam was a heart breaker in that beanie. 


lindsay said...

ah, the beanie! so cute! love that you planned the trip around food. you gotta do what you gotta do!

Jenna & Joey said...

he is sooo cute in that beanie! and this makes me want to go on a food tour of anywhere!

Amy and Mark said...

I'd say that's a VERY successful San Fran trip!!! Food is the best to plan around ;)
And Sam's face!!!! ...LOVE!

Jessica and Trent said...

Emily sent me over here and I'm so glad she did! We're headed to San Fran for the weekend and wanted some good food recommendations, so this was perfect! We had already heard of Pizzeria Delfina, but now maybe we'll have to try some of the other places you mentioned. Thanks so much! I'm Jessica by the way :)

Jo said...

Love that first picture! So cute!