land's end trail or dreamy san francisco


We were lucky enough to stay in San Francisco (big thanks to family hookups!) for two nights. We were staying near the west coast of San Francisco and we were a few blocks from a trail called Land's End Trail. On Thursday morning, we walked up to the trail and walked around for an hour or so. It was a pretty easy hike/walk and we really enjoyed it.

It was foggy and misty at first, but it cleared up at the perfect time when we got to the best views. The trails lead you along some cliffs on the coast and it is just gorgeous! It really seemed like a dream, the coast covered in fog and we just saw the golden gate bridge appearing out of the fog, slowly.

Sam was pretty good on the walk; he tolerated the carrier for a bit, but just wanted to be able to see more. So we carried him for a while and then put him back in and he slept on the way home.

One thing I always lament when we are seeing something so beautiful is that a camera (or at least my iphone) can never fully capture it! We could see things so well and it was just unbelievable being up on those cliffs, seeing the rocks, beach, across the bridge, the huge pillars of the bridge, the horizon....

Hopefully someday we will upgrade our camera. We walked down to the outlook in hopes to see the remains of a shipwreck, but we missed the low tide. We did see some sea lions near the shore, which was fun!

And isn't Sam's hat adorable? Thanks to his cousin Silas for lending Sam some hats for the weekend. This hat was a hit. Also, it was so windy and misty. My hair...oh my! Oh well, what can you do? Put it in a pony tail, usually.

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