party for silas!

Our last day in San Francisco was spent celebrating sweet baby Silas! Bruce blessed Silas and then we had a delicious lunch after. Then we spent the afternoon visiting with family before we had a late flight home. It was a fun day! All these pictures were taken by Bruce (maybe Karren too).

Classic Sam face: 

Can I tell you about this cake? It was amazing. Lemon cake with raspberry filling and a lemon butter cream frosting. THE BEST frosting, ever. I think everyone, cake and non-cake lovers alike, swooned over this cake.

Or maybe it was just me? I don't know.

Thanks for the great party, b & k!


Katya said...

Love Sam's faces! That cake sounds fantastic. You can't go wrong with lemon, in my opinion.

Sheryl Mitchell said...

The picture of Silas and Sam is dejavu! They look just like Bruce and Dave did when they were little. So cute!!

Jo said...

You always make me want cake after reading your blog. Yummmmm. And yes I'm stalking you/catching up on what I've missed.