his model shot ^

Eight months is a big deal around here. Even though he sits up most of the time, Sam still finds himself on his stomach (reaching for something, falling over), which he really hates. But now he tolerates it as it happens a lot. He even rolls over onto his stomach from his back, which is so new to us. He learned just last week to push himself from his stomach into a sitting position, which improves his quality of life. You can ask him. 

He is so close to crawling, but he can still get around. He will be sitting, end up on his stomach, rotate around and go backwards a bit as he pushes himself up. Just mobile enough for us. The only downside to all of this is he wakes up in distress most of the time as he has rolled over and backed himself into a corner or he is stuck on his stomach. I think when he is sad he forgets all of his skills. It's a bummer.  It's like....just roll back over!

edit: I wrote this yesterday, and he totally crawled this morning. a few "crawls" (?) at a time, then he quits. go sam! 

He started this thing where he will make a humming sound when he is eating, especially when he's loving it and wants more put in his reaching radius. It's hilarious. He also has 3.5 new teeth to help him out. He loves these sweet potato fries

He loves looking at himself in the mirror, splashing like crazy in the bath, standing and playing with books. He still loves to kick his legs when he gets excited (in the air and on his back) and it is hilarious as usual. This kid! He is so fun.


Emily said...

Love that boy. and i can't believe we haven't talked about diapering in our many (...) conversations. You'll be getting a call.

Kristen said...

What a cutie! I love love those his leg rolls. I can't believe he's 8 months!