we survived.


We survived camping! Sam only woke up screaming twice! And everyone else heard  (thin walls, of course) and it was a little embarrassing. Like you know how you apologize for your baby being a baby and everyone is like "oh, it's totally fine! we can't hear them or smell or whatever!"

No. Everyone was like "Oh, yes, we heard him but didn't know which baby it was." or "Oh it was fine, my wife just thought it sounded like someone was pulling his arms off". "Oh yes, we totally heard him but it's fine....." Or they asked how he did before revealing that they already knew how he did.

But camping was still pretty fun. The weather was pretty nice for Oregon camping (it didn't even rain). We had s'mores (with nutella instead of chocolate bars which was delicious and genius!), played uno and did not freeze, although Dave predicted it would get too hot in the tent.  Never in my life have I been too hot camping. My feet got toasty but it was still cool in the tent and Dave and I both slept light, wanting to make sure Sam was not freezing or you know, dying...

And sometime around 4:00 am I just wondered what the point of camping was. To sleep on the ground? I know many of you agree with me on that one! If you are hiking to get somewhere and need to camp, it's one thing. But car camping kind of doesn't make sense. We did talk of doing a small backpacking trip before it gets too cold with some friends. We will have to see if that actually plays out!


Kristy said...

I LOVE Sam's hat! I'm glad you survived :)

Jo said...

CUTE! You guys are fun.