why hello there.

Sam loves to look at himself (when do they know it is them?) and sometimes he gets a little close. Before he crawled, he would spend time on his tummy in a mission impossible pose: he would swing his arms back and balance. 

We've had some fun with friends this month. We made some cookies with a friend and her little girl, who is adorable. Their apartment makes me dream of wood floors, which, actually, may be a reality soon. I emailed our landlord as a last-ditch effort when I was trying to solve the sam/floor problem and he was basically like "sure, let's do it!" win.  But a yard of oil cloth has worked wonders in solving our floor problem.
 I made this coconut tres leches trifle and it was, of course, delicious. Mel is my favorite. I didn't used to like coconut flakes, but I think I'm getting there. (and I think this is like the third time I have talked about coconut flakes in a month) Do you find as you get older you try things again and like them? This past year I've made great strides with nuts and coconut. I also made little bow tie cookies for a baby shower I helped throw. It was fun. Stack-able sugar cookies, man. They are one of the secrets of life, I think.


Jenna & Joey said...

that cake looks/sounds divine! I will definitely have to make it soon!

Katya said...

such cute photos! I need to meet Sam! Also, I'm beyond impressed with your cookie decorating job. And yes, as I've gotten older I've tried and liked way more foods, the prime example being avocados. How I missed out on those for 18 years is baffling to me.