every day i'm shufflin'

Ok, lame post title. But that song is just catchy. Sam has almost 3 weeks of crawling under his belt and it's been so fun to see him explore and be able to move around more. He loves it! Some afternoons I think about making a time-lapse video of him exploring and playing around our living room. He'll stay in an area for a bit and then move on, leaving books and toys in his wake. Luckily we don't have too many areas that we don't want him to get into so he's pretty good doing whatever he wants. The next thing he's dying to do is walk! He loves being walked around. He doesn't pull himself up yet, but I'm sure it's coming. We are debating whether he'll be walking by one year or not. He has always taken his time doing the next thing, but sometimes we think he's just going to stand up and start walking (see bottom two pictures). 

And seeing him do downward dog is just too cute.


Emily said...

downward dog plus those adorable green chinos...could your kid get any cuter?? hank could pull himself up by one, but wasn't really walking yet, just shuffling as he held on to stuff. go sam go!

K Puls said...

I think Sam is more stylish than I am and probably better at yoga. Love those green pants!