I'm a little late with these pictures this month. I couldn't find his onesie anywhere (downside of wanting to use to same onesie each month!)  and it was stained anyway. You'd think I'd just quit while I was ahead, but no. And at nine months, I think it officially turns into a two person job to get him to lay on his back and smile at you. (And by the time we are done with these pictures we'll have saved up for a camera that may be able to catch a non-blurry photo of him.) Most of the 20 minutes I spent trying to get a decent picture went like this:
 toys helped. 

(see our new floors? more on that later)

nine months! Sam is crawling everywhere and loves to walk around with help. He will spend twenty minutes playing catch/fetch with himself: he'll throw a toy and go get it, growl, and then throw it again. It's so funny. But when he's done, he'll crawl over to you and drop into cobra pose and just whine at you. He can also spend twenty minutes playing with his books while singing/talking to himself. He started clapping too, which is adorable. And since his favorite activity in the entire world is patty-cake, it's appropriate.

We know he is getting older because he is getting more of an attitude. yikes!  These past few weeks we have discovered in a non-scientific but also very scientific study that his sleep sack is the key to sleeping well at night. He may finally be getting to the sleep-all-night part of life which...YAY. AND FINALLY. AND THANK GOODNESS.

If you have food around him and you aren't giving him some or giving him some fast enough, he will growl at you and he means it. He can polish off a banana in 3 minutes or less and has almost perfected his little finger thumb grasp. He thinks water bottles/cups are hilarious and loves to drink out of them, even if he ends up choking 70% of the time.

And that's all I can think of for now. He's just a fun little baby.

happy friday!


Shanna Selin said...

I thought he was already sleeping through the night?

I wish we were closer because he and Daisy are at the same stages. It would be fun to watch them together.

Katya said...

He's getting so big! Glad he's sleeping well for you. :) Also, that video you posted on instagram- ADORABLE.

Kristen said...

This makes me smile. 9-12 month pictures were tricky for us too. Hurray for sleep! William was about the same, something just seemed to click when he was 9-10 months and finally we could all sleep through the night. What a cutie! Wish we weren't so far away we'd love to see you!