zoo day

We received a free zoo ticket during the summer and it expires today. Of course I saved it until the very last minute and of course I had to use it. I mean, heaven forbid we let a free $12 go to "waste". What is it about us that causes anything free to become something we "earned" and if we don't use it, would be a waste? It isn't!

(see also: two free bowling passes I carried in my wallet for OVER A YEAR before giving up going because, surprise, the day they expired, the lanes were packed)

Anyway, yes, we "earned" the ticket by reading to Sam, an activity we would have done anyway. And yet if we didn't use it, I almost was thinking about all the other prizes I could have picked instead. Hmm, how old am I?

(see also: 3/4 prizes we got for completing a reading level were for us. Sam did get a book out of it, but we got frozen yogurt, two philharmonic tickets and a zoo ticket. I guess Sam did get to eat some of the fruit that I topped my frozen yogurt with.  Then again, we were the ones actually doing the reading...so it only makes sense. we are the best parents ever, guys)

Anyway, I'd thought about going last week and we almost went on Saturday but didn't...so this week left me four days. And I was going! Wednesday was the day. We woke up to a nice 39 degrees and I was wondering what I was thinking. But come on, activity!!

I knew it was going to be a good day when Sam actually woke up from his nap not crying. I don't know what it is, but most days he wakes up sad from his naps. He usually cheers right up when you get him out of his crib, but I miss the days when he'd wake up babbling to himself. Anyway, we bundled up and headed out.

I forget that 50 degrees here is actually quite balmy. The sun was shining and it was actually a really nice fall day. I was really glad we made it to the zoo. I have never been, and it was a way to scope it out for next summer, when Sam will probably like it.

This time around, I couldn't tell if he actually noticed any animals. We saw sea lions doing summersaults, monkeys climbing around, lions that stared right into your soul and baby elephants playing/fighting and I just couldn't tell what Sam was really taking in. He liked all the other babies that were there, though.

I felt like a terrible person because I would point at the animal and try to get Sam to look. I didn't mean to actually be pointing and gawking (not really) at the animals, but sheesh, Sam! Look!

So anyway. An hour and a half was almost enough time to see the whole zoo without reading or lingering too much. A perfect adventure for the afternoon, and I look forward to going back with Sam next year when he actually knows what animals are.

Sometimes he looks so tortured in the stroller. I swear he was really smiling before and after this picture. Also, look at that arm propped up behind his head. he is too cute.

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Teri Bench said...

What a good mommy you are! He is so adorable! I want him her, now!! Love, love him. Give him kisses and hugs from grandma and grandpa!! Grandpa will take him to the zoo, too.