Sam started doing this thing where he sticks his tongue out while he's...basically doing anything. Needless to say, it is adorable. He's cruising around the furniture, taking his toys and putting them on top of things or in drawers and bins (this is my theory on where his ball went) and sticking his tongue out in concentration.

Between this look and his lopsided grin of seven teeth, he's killing us.

japanese gardens II

On Veteran's day, the Japanese gardens had a free day, so we join a friend and walked around. It was a nice fall day and the colors were beautiful. Sam is a lot bigger than the last time we went and he had fun with Macie. They are so fun to watch together, always grabbing faces and toys. Macie is a month older than Sam and it's fun to see what is just around the corner for Sam (a sense of what is "his" and when it is stolen, apparently :))

ps -aren't her boots the cutest?


 Ten months and this kid is much too busy to be laying around taking pictures, thankyouverymuch. Two people didn't help. Almost all of the shots were of him whipping around to crawl away. Oh well!

Sam loves all the same things as usual, but he pulls himself up on everything, loves wheels (stroller, toy cars), and changing his diaper or clothes is a huge joke. He will give you maybe 10-20 seconds and then he's trying to escape. Sometimes giving him something to look at or chew on helps, but not always. Payback for him being so content on his back for 7 months.

He also gets chasing and will crawl away from you shrieking and also chase you a bit. He is also getting quite the head of hair, it's just practically invisible. Still not to the part where we get a full nights sleep every night, but what is a little more of that?

We were looking through pictures of him from earlier this year and I can't believe how big he is now. I remember during those first few months I wished he'd never get bigger and never change And now we can't imagine him being that little baby he used to be and we love watching him explore and try new things and get bigger.


 I feel like this looks like some sort of hostage situation. What is boba fett doing with an ewok?

Cutest ewok ever, right?

lists and resolutions

Sometimes I feel like my life is just one big list of things I can't find. Currently,

chapstick, always my chapstick
my water bottle lid. Sam was playing with it last I saw it and I don't know where it is now.
sam's favorite [our favorite] ball. he had it two Saturdays ago and now it's missing.

Our apartment is like 600 square feet. I do not know how so many things can be hiding, practically in plain sight.

We finally finished painting the extra space above our baseboards and now hopefully we can get everything back to where it belongs. October felt like we were moving in, everything in piles all over. I took a break from sewing and projects last month, and that was probably good. I finally finished the top of Sam's quilt I've been working on (on and off--mostly off) since MAY. Hopefully that will finish up quickly.

I was always neutral towards daylight savings until now. And not even because I have a baby. (I do finally get what all that complaining is about though). Mostly, I hate it now because it's 5:00 and dark. I don't remember this from year to year, I guess. I do not like it.

I have one more new year's resolution I want to tackle; I still have two months and that's totally enough time to master calligraphy, right? ha. I'm just wanting to order my supplies (they are hard to find locally, I've found) and watch a few videos in the online class I signed up for. And maybe I'll address our Christmas cards or something and call it good.

Any resolutions you're going to try and sneak in? Or completed?