Ten months and this kid is much too busy to be laying around taking pictures, thankyouverymuch. Two people didn't help. Almost all of the shots were of him whipping around to crawl away. Oh well!

Sam loves all the same things as usual, but he pulls himself up on everything, loves wheels (stroller, toy cars), and changing his diaper or clothes is a huge joke. He will give you maybe 10-20 seconds and then he's trying to escape. Sometimes giving him something to look at or chew on helps, but not always. Payback for him being so content on his back for 7 months.

He also gets chasing and will crawl away from you shrieking and also chase you a bit. He is also getting quite the head of hair, it's just practically invisible. Still not to the part where we get a full nights sleep every night, but what is a little more of that?

We were looking through pictures of him from earlier this year and I can't believe how big he is now. I remember during those first few months I wished he'd never get bigger and never change And now we can't imagine him being that little baby he used to be and we love watching him explore and try new things and get bigger.


Morgan and Holly said...

10 months has flown!! Can't believe he is only two months from a year! And oh yes Capri is so wiggly these days. Changing her diaper is such a hassle! And toys only work some of the time! And sleep...I miss it. We will sleep again one day right? In many moons from now I'm sure! Haha. I sure miss you!! And Capri misses Sam ;)

Rachael said...

I highly recommend "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child". It saved my life in the sleep category! Eden has slept through the night since I started trying the Dr's technique. It's all based on real research, unlike a lot of the other books out there. I can't believe how big Sam is already! He's a cutie!

Shanna Selin said...

I know! Isn't it so nice how they get more fun and you automatically love them more at every stage even though you think you don't want them to get bigger?! (Until they turn three anyways.)

And once again, Sam's adorable.

K Puls said...

That smile! He is beyond cute.

Amy and Mark said...

Look how HAPPY that boy is! That smile is the most contagious thing around! I can't believe he'll be ONE in two months! Oh Sam, you're sure cute.