Eleven months! Sam's favorite thing this month is picking things up and putting them on top of other things. He also likes to pull the kitchen drawers open and pull things out/put them back in. He loves to watch the washer and loves to come crawling when he hears the dishwasher open. He also enjoys the car ramp at grandma's house. He is quite the busy explorer, though curiously has left grandma and grandpa's tree almost totally alone.

He's started to take a few steps and his balanced has improved greatly over the last month. He also loves when we go outside our apartment into the atrium because he can hear his voice echo. He's full of fun noises. He's also become really good at little fake cries and crumpling his face when he's being dramatic. He is just so fun and we can't believe he is almost a year!

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Kristen said...

11 months!?! How did this little man get so big? I love his sweet little smile.