christmas best

Grandma Christensen got all the grandchildren really cute Christmas outfits. We wanted to get a picture of the pile of babies, and we tried valiantly. Here is a few shots of how the little photo shoot went. (all but the bottom picture, I believe, were taken by my brother-in-law bruce)
lots of crying. 
Daisy was in love with this blanket. She's sit down, feel it, and lay down with huge grin on her face. Adorable.
 We got a few cute ones. These boys are so handsome!
 Daisy (or peg-leg daisy, as I call her) is so cute! She crawls with one leg tucked up behind her and was the happiest out of all the kids!
It was mostly like this: babies crawling away, crying, chewing, and accidentally hitting other babies. 

not pictured: all the adults acting like goofballs trying to get babies to laugh, stay or at least look at the camera.

better luck next time!

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