christmas eve thoughts

This year Christmas came really fast and the month of December was full of a lot of things I wanted to do...but didn't quite get to. A few Christmas crafts or recipes or projects were tabled for next year while I probably spent a little too much time on other things. We spent time with friends and family and that is most important. I've been pretty good at letting things go that needed to go (like, uh, blog posts?) and be okay with them waiting for next year. But it still feels a little stressful to feel like I've been behind all month. But hey, Christmas came anyway, as it always does, and the important things are done. So, we're all moving on.

I felt much less prepared than usual this year and I'm definitely making a plan to start gathering presents month. One bonus of waiting until the last week of shipping is that a lot of websites offer free shipping. Score! And thanks to Amazon prime, Dave's last present came tonight.

Tonight we put Sam's little stocking together and put his presents in box. The two times he's been presented with wrapped gifts he couldn't care less, so we're letting him do what he loves: pull out all the things. He probably still won't care. But I decided that being Santa (or a mom) at Christmas is really fun. I'm excited for the years to come.
We had a nice Christmas Eve dinner with Dave's family. Most his siblings were here and our friends Sara and Kyle came over and we had a nice dinner. I spent most of the day cooking/prepping for the dinner (ham, trifle, egg nog and peppermint patties (not finished) all from my favorite site (ya'll know what's coming, right? mel! #sorrynotsorry I only cook from her blog, basically. That egg nog, by the way, is a keeper. I put our rosemary tree to work and made little place cards (thanks, pinterest) and it was fun.

 (I just notice that google + added a nice sparkle to this photo. so, voila! enjoy.)

I think this Christmas may have been less sentimental for me than usual, but it is still special and, of course, exciting as Christmas always is. We are very grateful for our Savior and that we can celebrate His birth. His gift to us is more than we can ever hope to thank Him for. We wish you all a merry Christmas! Thanks for reading!


Jason said...

Being (SC) is one of the highlights of being a parent. It's a bummer that our girls have all grown up. Bring on the chandchildren­čśâ

K Puls said...

Love the rosemary tree and your place cards! Also, that's so fun that Sara and Kyle came over to celebrate with you guys. Merry Christmas!

kylie said...

merry merry christmas!!!

Kara Lyn said...

I love Mel's blog. I won an apron from them and I wear it every day. You're awesome. Next time we're in Portland we need to get together. Sam is adorable.