12 months! 1 year! wahoo! So this month, I offered Sam a cracker and a toy, laid him down and by the time I opened my camera, he had eaten the cracker and was up and ready to move. Laying down was not happening for this birthday boy. 

Sam loves eating oranges, splashing in the bath, playing with his collection of wheeled objects, walking along furniture, opening and closing things, and giving big cheesy grins. He was sick for most of Christmas break and and ever since, he has started laying his head down on your shoulder when he's just woken up, ready for a nap or not feeling good (since we seem to be on another round of sickness). It's dreamy to have him snuggle so much. He also likes to wipe his nose all everything, especially a clean shirt or the couch. He's getting two more teeth and we are thinking that we may actually need to cut his hair, at least around his neck.

He says uh-oh, mama, and dadablahblah on repeat. He likes to open the kitchen drawers and we've just moved all the dangerous things and let him have free reign. They are only young once, right? He got some blocks for Christmas and loooves to clap them together or knock over a tower that you just built.

I'm not sure what else I can say that hasn't already been said each month as I write these posts. He's the sweetest and we are so lucky! Thanks for following along each month!


kylie said...

adorable. it's amazing how fast he's grown. i still have to say that the smile in month 8 might be my fave. sam's adorable.

Kristen said...

What a cutie! I love seeing all the pictures together! It's amazing how much they change and grow over a year!

K Puls said...

He has such a cute smile! Can't believe it's already been a year.

Jo said...

He is real cute. Look at month 2! Eek!