one year.

I know I echo almost every parent who has ever spoken on their child's birthday: I can't believe it's been a year. Honestly, I feel like I remember every single day, but I don't know where those days went. It's been a very fun year. I remember that first night home from the hospital, thinking I'd never sleep again. And I remember the first smiles we got, the screaming/shrieking phase, the first solids, the new skills he worked so hard for...and I look forward to all the years ahead of new things and adventures with this little guy in our life.

It's been so fun watching him grow and learn. We love seeing him become more independent and sure of himself. He is just the sweetest and spunkiest little boy. We adore his crooked smile, his love for moving objects and clapping and his growing stubborn streak.

He is not the baby that made me a mother or Dave a father, but he is the baby that holds our hearts together.


Morgan and Holly said...

Last line = perfect. Happy Birthday to cute Sam!!!

Kristen said...

It sure it amazing how quickly that 1st year flies by. Some days/nights seem to drag on forever, but then the weeks and months pass you by. Happy Birthday Sam!