snow days for days

 Last weekend we had a huuuuge snow storm. It started on Thursday and our normal 10-15 minute drive home from a friends house took an hour and a half! Then in basically snowed until Sunday. Dave was sick on Saturday and it was a bummer for all (but luckily Sam and I were spared!). I ate so many cookies. I was tested in patience as a package that was supposed to be delivered on Thursday didn't get here until the next Thursday...but also, the package contained laundry soap and it was just an excuse to not do any laundry except Sam's diapers. heh.

Sam wasn't a huge fan of the snow, but I don't know was was a correlation and what was causation. The first two pictures are from Friday and the next two are on Sunday when we finally emerged to check out the scene after the freezing rain (we had an extreme weather alert and church was canceled).

Luckily this was in the back part of our building where our car is...I'm sure I looked ridiculous trying to "make" Sam walk/experience the snow. But I scooped him up and we went back into the warm house. So, I tried. But I think this is because he fell, not because he hates the snow. 
"why am I wearing this huge coat again?"

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