who invented tabs anyway?

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if I started to finish one thought before starting on another. At this moment, I have 17 tabs open (plus probably 10 on my phone) in my browser. I'm working on a few things and saving a few things and I'm just always going from one thing to another.

On second thought, though, better tabs than 17 internet windows, which I'm sure I would do. 

There are always things I want to research, investigate, catch up on, find, decide on, order (sometimes it takes me a week or more to finish filling my cart), read, bookmark, comment on, etc. Sometimes I stop in the middle because Sam wakes up and I put the computer away (but not like I never use it when he's up...) or I need to do something else. Sometimes I do things in the evening but not during the day, etc. I suppose the downside to most of my time being unstructured is....the lack of structure to finish things.

A lot of it comes from checking an email or clicking on a link. Then, it's saved for me to look at, but I don't have to do it right now. It's kind of like my browser with all its tabs is a list. And when I finish, I close it and move on. I feel I constantly remember things I was going to look up, and yet always have things just out of my memory that I was just going to look up. And then I add that to the open browsers or the list in my planner of things to do. And I know, bookmarks and pinterest exist to help with this. However, I don't like pinning things I don't actually like or want to keep. Then it becomes another list of undone things.

I worked hard at the end of the year to finish up projects that needed finishing so I could start with a blank slate this year. So I have a few that I have started and need to finish, but I have many more added to a list to do sometime. And that is how it works for everyone, of course, but I feel like I need to better at thinking, "Ok, I have a thought. I will spend all the time required to finish and resolve it and then move on." But...that doesn't happen too often. But it probably could, if I tried. Or didn't care so much about random things I want to figure out. Or decide on. ahhh. Indecision is probably part of this. My age-old problem.

I made a goal in February to not research a single thing I wanted to buy, which is honestly because I spent the last week of January hemming over what kind of soap or something to add to my cart, and I wanted to give myself permission to just buy the one I wanted and get it over with. And I guess as an excuse if it was slightly more expensive or something, I can say, "well yes, but I wanted it and so I bought it" And you know, around here, if I didn't look at any reviews and bought it anyway, that would be okay. And I can't say that I've avoided looking at reviews in February but nothing I was seriously going to buy so....how did I become such a review junkie? bleh. That's probably half my problem.

And sometimes it takes me days to reply to a text (and other times 2 seconds, so I don't really get it) and I don't really have a good reason for that. Sometimes I'm thinking about a reply or I read it when my hands are full so I don't reply right away. I really want to do better at not opening a message until I have time to reply. I feel like that would simplify my life a little bit.

And most things, really, if it's important, it will come up again, right?


kylie said...

i am a research junkie, too! it's so bad when it comes to any makeup or hair product. i'm going to do what you did and just buy what i want without obsessing over the reviews. "better 17 tabs than 17 windows." PREACH.

K Puls said...

YES. I totally agree with everything in this post. This happens to me all the time in lab when I'm trying to figure something out and I seek the wisdom of the internet. Suddenly I find myself with 20 tabs open, all vaguely related to circular dichroism spectroscopy and none of which I feel like I can close until I've read everything on them. I definitely also do the either right away or days later in responding to texts...sorry if I've ever left you hanging for a while!

Alena said...

I relate to everything (seriously, every single thing) in this post. I even almost left a tab open for me to reply to this!

Whenever Sean uses the computer, he'll ask if he can close any tabs and I always say, "nooooo." He'll just shake his head at me.

And the reviews! Oh, those blasted, wonderful, ridiculous number of reviews. So much information and ideas and comparisons to make at the tips of my fingers. Sighhhh

Sara said...

yeah I perpetually have 20+ tabs open...

Emily said...

I'm with you. And Ryan thinks I'm crazy. Lately I've been thinking I need to reduce it for a little bit and take life more slowly, but it's hard!

lindsay said...

i don't like to pin stuff unless i like it either. so i started just "liking" things, then they are all in one place when i have time to go back and actually look at them~! :)