Well I just deleted my sentence about Portland's nice weather because I just looked at the forecast and it's supposed to rain every day. BUT last week was really nice so we spent some afternoons outside and at a park. Sam tried out the big kid swing (incidentally, that is often how he looks in his stroller too, both that face and the slouch.)

We are trying to get him to get off our bed and the couch the safe way but he still doesn't do it on his own, so we just hang him there and he can stay like that (and does) for a few minutes, sometimes resting his head while he drums up the courage to slide down.

And seriously, once this kid starts going, nothing stops him. I mean, look at that determination.

there might be something to this

Last week we had wraps for dinner and I thought as I was piling on my fillings how I think there are probably two types of people in this world, maybe three.

The first type creates their burrito just proportionally so, all their fillings and sauces fitting into a tightly-wrapped burrito and they gracefully eat it and it is a fantastic burrito.

The second type doesn't pay any attention to the size of the tortilla but mostly focus on what they want inside and how much. They want x amount of guacamole and x amount of tomatoes and the stretch of the tortilla is irrelevant in situations like this, it really is. So they pile on their fillings and then try to stretch and fold, and it ends up mostly like an unsupported taco. This isn't eaten gracefully but with tomatoes and lettuce falling out and salsa dripping down their fingers and onto their plate but it's worth every messy bite.

There is a third type: those who just buy burritos from a professional. You know, where they have huge tortillas and perfectly diced fillings and a lot of skill (I'm fondly remembering L&T at BYU (is that what it is called?)) and then you get ALL the fillings and ALL the tortilla and none of the mess and it's the best wrap ever.

I'm not sure this is a real metaphor to life, but I suppose it could be.


I had this post in my head for a few days now as I found the time to type it out. I almost didn't write it because today as I was reading a deep and beautiful blog post I was like what the...I just wrote a whole post about burritos? what is wrong with me?

And then Kylie wrote this post and I thought, yeah, life is too short for only the truly inspiration posts. Not that your post isn't true inspiration, Kylie, I'm just saying that my truly brilliant ideas are few and far between. [but seriously, you should read kylie's blog. she's killing it lately with her posts.]

five years or who goes to the oregon coast in march?

Two weekends ago Dave and I went to Long Beach, WA (yes, I was a little sad it wasn't Long Beach, CA, too...). We were celebrating our 5 year anniversary (!) and it was a fun/quick getaway. The beach was of course windy and rainy but it was still nice (complete with requisite initials, of course). And rainboots on the beach! Who knew? They were the perfect shoes (and the best Costco find of all time). The hotel was modern, industrial and rustic (ok, now I'm just writing buzzwords...) and I really liked the style.

We went to Cape Disappointment and the sun came out! It was a short hike with beautiful views of the pacific and we enjoyed the sun. We did miss Sam though, but he was having lots of fun with grandma and grandpa.

I remember it rained a lot.

I think it's finally spring here, but who knows. We should get some sixty degree weather this week, so that cheers us significantly. Sam is pretty much up to the same tricks these days...he loves walking, clapping, dancing (here's a video), reading books and he also has this fake laugh that kills us. Often times he uses it at a perfect moment and he doesn't even know it. He'll be in his car seat laughing to himself and once he was fake sneezing, which, seriously, where do kids get these things? Every time he does his fake laugh, Dave and I can't help but quote this scene.

And seriously, he loves walking outside. He just wants to be set loose and walk in circles and wave his little hand and he doesn't even care where you are. I love it. (except that he doesn't get when he actually needs to listen to us)
One time I look over and he had grabbed what was left of the goat cheese and was just eating it like this. He's the cutest, I know, and always keeps us laughing. He is also getting smarter, and it's fun to see him pick something up after you did it first. He is a pretty good listener when we tell him to stop something but man, if he has the toilet lid up, nothing is going to stop him.

The only word he uses frequently and, for the most part, correctly, is "hot". He loves saying it and it kind of sounds like hat and with exaggerated t's and just all of it...I can't wait for him to start saying more.

I wanted to do that thing with kids where you teach them a few sign language words and then all your communication problems are fixed because they use them and no more whining and you know, right?
Well, we started with the two basic ones, "more" and "all done". I did them fairly consistently for months and it seemed like he never really got it. Then last month or so he started doing it....and if you have seen his dancing, you have seen him waving, saying all done and more. Nailed it.

Although he started blowing bubbles in the bath a few weeks ago and I'd like to think that he remembers me teaching him that five months ago when we took our little swim class, but I'm sure it's actually more of a coincidence. Lame.

February was filled with parks and rec reruns, terrible luck with shopping carts, this excellent enchilada bake with this sauce, and Sam overcoming his terrible printer phobia. 

the big three-oh

Dave's birthday was a few weeks ago and it was a fun weekend. We had some friends over for some food and 1984 trivia (you guys, 1984 was a great year!). 

Remember how Dave hates cake? I finally just moved past making him a cake and was inspired by stacked oreo cakes online. I also printed off some pictures from his 30 years and it was fun to look at them.
Dave needed a new duffle-type bag and since the only requirement was that it had a working zipper, I decided to try making one myself. I made this bag and it mostly turned out great. The instructions were almost beyond my skills but I figured it out (and unpicked sooooo many times). And put all together, it doesn't look too bad. I stenciled a little note on the bottom inside from our favorite, parks & rec. It was a little hard to find a "romantic" and shorter quote to use, since the ones we usually quote aren't quite as romantic. heh.