the big three-oh

Dave's birthday was a few weeks ago and it was a fun weekend. We had some friends over for some food and 1984 trivia (you guys, 1984 was a great year!). 

Remember how Dave hates cake? I finally just moved past making him a cake and was inspired by stacked oreo cakes online. I also printed off some pictures from his 30 years and it was fun to look at them.
Dave needed a new duffle-type bag and since the only requirement was that it had a working zipper, I decided to try making one myself. I made this bag and it mostly turned out great. The instructions were almost beyond my skills but I figured it out (and unpicked sooooo many times). And put all together, it doesn't look too bad. I stenciled a little note on the bottom inside from our favorite, parks & rec. It was a little hard to find a "romantic" and shorter quote to use, since the ones we usually quote aren't quite as romantic. heh.


Suzette Larson said...

That duffle looks amazing. Very creative and personalized idea.
I don't usually like birthday cake either (nor does my other half) so for the last few years I have had dunford doughnuts stacked up with a raspberry glaze drizzled generously over them and Taylor gets a Marie Callendar's razzleberry pie :)
I loved the Oreo idea! You should try homemade Oreos. I think you'll love them.

Megan Hutchings said...

Love the picture idea! And the stenciling looks awesome.

K Puls said...

I love the 30 in pictures! And the birthday candles/"cake". I think Dave is crazy for not liking cake, but I guess oreos are a pretty good second option. :)