there might be something to this

Last week we had wraps for dinner and I thought as I was piling on my fillings how I think there are probably two types of people in this world, maybe three.

The first type creates their burrito just proportionally so, all their fillings and sauces fitting into a tightly-wrapped burrito and they gracefully eat it and it is a fantastic burrito.

The second type doesn't pay any attention to the size of the tortilla but mostly focus on what they want inside and how much. They want x amount of guacamole and x amount of tomatoes and the stretch of the tortilla is irrelevant in situations like this, it really is. So they pile on their fillings and then try to stretch and fold, and it ends up mostly like an unsupported taco. This isn't eaten gracefully but with tomatoes and lettuce falling out and salsa dripping down their fingers and onto their plate but it's worth every messy bite.

There is a third type: those who just buy burritos from a professional. You know, where they have huge tortillas and perfectly diced fillings and a lot of skill (I'm fondly remembering L&T at BYU (is that what it is called?)) and then you get ALL the fillings and ALL the tortilla and none of the mess and it's the best wrap ever.

I'm not sure this is a real metaphor to life, but I suppose it could be.


I had this post in my head for a few days now as I found the time to type it out. I almost didn't write it because today as I was reading a deep and beautiful blog post I was like what the...I just wrote a whole post about burritos? what is wrong with me?

And then Kylie wrote this post and I thought, yeah, life is too short for only the truly inspiration posts. Not that your post isn't true inspiration, Kylie, I'm just saying that my truly brilliant ideas are few and far between. [but seriously, you should read kylie's blog. she's killing it lately with her posts.]


Michelle said...

Haha! I'm totally the first type of person, my sisters and I used to have competitions to see who could keep their plate the cleanest. I get some sort of sick satisfaction from not spilling any of my toppings. Tyler on the other hand...You literally can't even see his tortilla by the time he is done but he always somehow thinks he can still wrap it all up. It cracks me up. Maybe this explains why I'm punctual and he thinks he is?? Haha!

kylie said...

ha i love this burrito metaphor...i'm the kind where my goal is to wrap it up nice and tight without any spillage, but it ends up in part number does that means i try to keep it together in my life but no matter how hard i try, it's just chaos? yeah, that sounds about right. thanks for the shoutout - i'm glad you appreciated my housing resume. :) now i think i'll have mountain west burrito for lunch!

Suzette Larson said...

I would say 'Amen'.

There are people who need things organized, see life in absolutes, and don't often (or ever) stray from the known and accepted truths. Comfort from schedule and order.

Then there are the people who prefer spontaneity and life may get a little messy but they love every step of the journey.

I don't there there is any 'right' way but I love your literal food for thought post :)

Emily said...

I'm totally with you on thinking up a blog post and then realizing that hey, it's not earth shattering, but let's post it anyway. Because really, we'd talk about these things in person or on the phone but since I'm terrible at that, random blog posts keep up tight :)

And I'm somewhere in between one and two. At least compared to Ryan. He's totally a 2.