on the domestic front

I'm wishing I had a more thoughtful and interesting post for you today, but nope, this is all about food. Oh well, what can you do?

I've made this flatbread recipe approximately two times a week this month. It's basically foolproof and fresh off the skillet? The best. I also (finally) tried this homemade yogurt recipe and wow. It's the best! And I know, it seems a little much but it's really easy and mostly hands-off. Just follow her suggestion of starting at 2:00 pm, not 8:00 pm, unless you want to get up at 1:00 am to put it in the oven.

side note: if your baby gets up at 1:00 am and needs to basically eat a meal because he refused to eat dinner, it works out anyway.

Dave and I decided to make homemade bagels and that was also a pretty good fail. They were thin and really blah. I thought I had pinpointed the one or two areas where we went wrong, and so a day or two later I smugly whipped up a double batch, making sure to knead long enough and add enough flour (but not too much).

So not only did I make a double batch when I wasn't even positive of the results, I also left out the salt. If you are not sure if salt makes a difference in bread, let me personally assure you that it does. So the bagels worked better, but were still way flatter than hers and really blah tasting. So then we had a double batch of blah bagels. I froze some of them, we ate some of them (smothered in butters: cookie, regular, peanut, almond) and then some went moldy so oh darn, we had to throw them away.  

And then while I was at it I made some bread, but I had over-scheduled the oven (is that a thing?), so I had to put them in the fridge, where they fell, and voila! two loaves of mediocre bread.

I have not given up on bagels, but I may wait until we dig ourselves out of current gluten mountain we are under. I think I will put a hole in them before we let them rest and cover them better. (we used this recipe).

had any successes or failures in the kitchen lately? (check out our recent favorites here)

tulip festival

We went to the tulip festival in woodburn while my family was here. It was beautiful! Sam was at the end of a long day with no naps to speak of, so he was not happy...unless he was playing in the dirt next to the tulips.
We are really good at selfies!

The tulip fields were so gorgeous. As are all the other fields I've seen in oregon. I do miss Utah's mountain scenery, but I love the hills and fields of the portland area.

This is the day that Sam and I broke into the TV business. They were doing a little news segment and while we were standing out of the way and Sam was crying, the news guy came running over to ask where we were from. I think he was hoping we were from the East coast or something, but were just from boring old portland. Sam stopped crying though, and the news guy thought he was magic.

all in all, fun day!


So I couldn't help but look at these pictures in hashtags. That is probably weird but I guess that is how we talk now? I don't know. I usually avoid hashtags but I can't help it. Just blame Jimmy Fallon.

But Sam's faces are so hilarious. We did get one smile out of him, but the rest of them are like...#whatamidoinghere #weirdcat #nosescrunch #lion?showmesomethingcool #youcanseemyfaceinthereflection #notimpressed And look at that hand on the log.  #notposed

He loved the penguins, fish and ducks...anything at his level. It was a fun afternoon. I sort of have mixed feelings about the zoo, but we all enjoyed ourselves. It was great weather and we may have to go back this summer!

wait! come back!

We had so much fun with my parents and two sisters in town. We visited the temple, ate lots of great food (of course!) and had some fun excursions. Sam either remembered everyone, recognized them from facetime or just was really cool with having four new buddies who gave him constant attention! He loved playing with all of them.

It was great for to feel like we were kind of on vacation, with a week of fun, treats, little real-world responsibilities and a mom who did all the dishes. :) thanks mom!

how I feel this week

....after my family went back to utah! more posts on our fun week coming as soon as we adjust to life without four free babysitters :)

how long before the ads on hulu are longer than the show?

In February I suspected it was true but March confirmed that I have the worst luck picking out a shopping cart. No, I am sure everyone feels this way, but seriously. One time last month I started pushing Sam and wondered why he was sinking lower...one plastic side of the cart was bending out and the cart was sinking as the leg was bending off of the cart. Most of the time you kind of just deal with it, you know, and wrestle with the huge Costco cart to get it to turn but the cart that was splitting in two I obviously took back.

March was a good one. We found a great sandwich and a favorite snack (add cocoa instead of ch. chips). Sam went crazy over a new book from the library (video here) and I even had some good sewing luck this month. I tried out a cute little dress pattern and a few other things that actually turned out (whaaat) and Dave and I tried our hand at a geometric wreath. You only need like 120 straws and I ordered 1,000 from amazon, so...I'll probably make some more and try spray painting them or something? I don't know, what do you do with 900 cocktail straws when you don't drink cocktails?
this picture is so artsy, I know. 

I've also been watching the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon and I think I've managed to catch every episode while I'm working or cooking, etc. I never really watched it before (occasionally growing up) but once Jimmy took over I wanted to check it out. I'm loving it. (and I loved this guy. he's like an older but still adorable josh h. I think I've watched this like 4 times and I still am loving it.) 

A few of our favorite shows have ended, (though we are still behind on Psych) and it makes us feel a little old. But we manage to find a new show or two every season...what are you watching this year? I started to list out the shows we mange to catch up on during the weeks (luckily hulu gives you a few weeks, huh?) but then I realized it makes us look like all we do in our free time is watch TV and ....well...

ok that is kind of true. hmm.

And I have forgotten to write about how the highlight of my year so far is that all of my hair fits into a top knot. It's been so long since it's all been long and I've never really worn top knots before...and I try not to wear them everyday but I'm sure most ladies know that sometimes nothing feels better at the end of the day than ALL your hair out of your face and off your neck. But....I'm leaning towards bangs of some sort since mine have been long and blah for a year or so...anyone else itching to shake things up as we emerge from winter?

moving on up.

We gave Sam his first hair cut a few weeks ago and while I was a little sad to see those little curls go, it was definitely time for a trim. It was increasingly less "cute curls" and more "total mullet". I even sent my family a picture of his new cut and I thought they'd be sad with me and they were all like FINALLY. So yah, you know it was time.

He was a little (a lot) scared of the trimmer so I ended up holding him and trying to catch his attention with the first elmo clip I found and it sort of worked.
He love climbing stairs, especially since we don't have any in our apartment. One day I showed him how to climb grandma's stairs and it clicked. Since then he likes to climb any set he can find.