how long before the ads on hulu are longer than the show?

In February I suspected it was true but March confirmed that I have the worst luck picking out a shopping cart. No, I am sure everyone feels this way, but seriously. One time last month I started pushing Sam and wondered why he was sinking plastic side of the cart was bending out and the cart was sinking as the leg was bending off of the cart. Most of the time you kind of just deal with it, you know, and wrestle with the huge Costco cart to get it to turn but the cart that was splitting in two I obviously took back.

March was a good one. We found a great sandwich and a favorite snack (add cocoa instead of ch. chips). Sam went crazy over a new book from the library (video here) and I even had some good sewing luck this month. I tried out a cute little dress pattern and a few other things that actually turned out (whaaat) and Dave and I tried our hand at a geometric wreath. You only need like 120 straws and I ordered 1,000 from amazon, so...I'll probably make some more and try spray painting them or something? I don't know, what do you do with 900 cocktail straws when you don't drink cocktails?
this picture is so artsy, I know. 

I've also been watching the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon and I think I've managed to catch every episode while I'm working or cooking, etc. I never really watched it before (occasionally growing up) but once Jimmy took over I wanted to check it out. I'm loving it. (and I loved this guy. he's like an older but still adorable josh h. I think I've watched this like 4 times and I still am loving it.) 

A few of our favorite shows have ended, (though we are still behind on Psych) and it makes us feel a little old. But we manage to find a new show or two every season...what are you watching this year? I started to list out the shows we mange to catch up on during the weeks (luckily hulu gives you a few weeks, huh?) but then I realized it makes us look like all we do in our free time is watch TV and ....well...

ok that is kind of true. hmm.

And I have forgotten to write about how the highlight of my year so far is that all of my hair fits into a top knot. It's been so long since it's all been long and I've never really worn top knots before...and I try not to wear them everyday but I'm sure most ladies know that sometimes nothing feels better at the end of the day than ALL your hair out of your face and off your neck. But....I'm leaning towards bangs of some sort since mine have been long and blah for a year or so...anyone else itching to shake things up as we emerge from winter?


K Puls said...

the title of this post: SERIOUSLY.

Don't worry, all we do is watch tv, too. I think i'll have to start watching the Tonight Show. We've been watching Revenge lately. It's pretty over the top, but I can't stop watching. I love that straw wreath! sooo cool. Also, I definitely think you should get bangs. Such a good look!

Lyss said...

So I have a couple of series I have been watching: Bones (it is one that I have kept up on since the beginning), Dr. Who--Started with the 2006 and moving forward, once I finish I will go back and watch the old school 90's dr who, and the next series I am planning to watch is the BBC version of Robin Hood. I hope that you watch Sherlock because that is just wonderful and if you haven't you can get all caught up and then be waiting like the rest of us until next year when the next three episodes come out!

I feel the same way about my hair, and I am also thinking about a change emerging from this winter. Bangs are always a fun idea...and generally they grow out pretty fast so if you don't like them you don't have to keep them for very long!!

Emily said...

ha. love the cart story. although i must say i think i'm in the running for worst cart picker-outter. last week at target...oi, it was rough. i seem to always get the one cart that's a thousand years old.

i'm so itching for a change, too. although i'm leaning toward a crazy whole30 change just because. i like to be crazy and have ryan think 'i like this girl and all, but she's crazy and i don't know what i was thinking marrying her :)'

can't wait to see a new hairdo! aaand really, i love finding out what shows are amanda and dave-approved. i'm on season two of chuck, thanks to you two.

kylie said...

LOVE love LOVE that wreath.

as far as tv shows, i love them all. you and i are kindred spirits in that we both love parks & rec and the tonight show with jimmy (i'm so obsessed). i also watch mad men religiously (but it's a little ehhhh for a lot of people) and i LOVE sherlock. i have also started watching the it crowd on netflix. and you can never go wrong with freaks & geeks.
wo. that was a novel. i just love television so much (30 rock reference!).