on the domestic front

I'm wishing I had a more thoughtful and interesting post for you today, but nope, this is all about food. Oh well, what can you do?

I've made this flatbread recipe approximately two times a week this month. It's basically foolproof and fresh off the skillet? The best. I also (finally) tried this homemade yogurt recipe and wow. It's the best! And I know, it seems a little much but it's really easy and mostly hands-off. Just follow her suggestion of starting at 2:00 pm, not 8:00 pm, unless you want to get up at 1:00 am to put it in the oven.

side note: if your baby gets up at 1:00 am and needs to basically eat a meal because he refused to eat dinner, it works out anyway.

Dave and I decided to make homemade bagels and that was also a pretty good fail. They were thin and really blah. I thought I had pinpointed the one or two areas where we went wrong, and so a day or two later I smugly whipped up a double batch, making sure to knead long enough and add enough flour (but not too much).

So not only did I make a double batch when I wasn't even positive of the results, I also left out the salt. If you are not sure if salt makes a difference in bread, let me personally assure you that it does. So the bagels worked better, but were still way flatter than hers and really blah tasting. So then we had a double batch of blah bagels. I froze some of them, we ate some of them (smothered in butters: cookie, regular, peanut, almond) and then some went moldy so oh darn, we had to throw them away.  

And then while I was at it I made some bread, but I had over-scheduled the oven (is that a thing?), so I had to put them in the fridge, where they fell, and voila! two loaves of mediocre bread.

I have not given up on bagels, but I may wait until we dig ourselves out of current gluten mountain we are under. I think I will put a hole in them before we let them rest and cover them better. (we used this recipe).

had any successes or failures in the kitchen lately? (check out our recent favorites here)


Kristy said...

First, what is cookie butter?
Second, I ALWAYS forget to put salt in bread. It is one of the worst things to forget in my opinion.
Third, we like you guys.

Katya said...

Gluten mountain, haha. Sorry about the bagels! I hate it when recipes go wrong and you're left with a bunch of food you don't want to eat.

Emily said...

Definitely laughed out loud reading this, and then I promptly read it to Ryan so he could chuckle as well. It felt like you were telling me this in person, I love it. Well, not the gluten mountain of not-so-goodness though.

And Kristy needs some cookie butter in her life asap. I can't eat it with Walter's current dairy sensitivity (a not-so-giant push for me to get back into shape, I'm sure, but instead I find every chocolate recipe possible that doesn't use buttermilk and cream so, joke's on you, little one :) but I can't wait to grab some this fall when he's a year.

Whew, that was long. Sorry.