So I couldn't help but look at these pictures in hashtags. That is probably weird but I guess that is how we talk now? I don't know. I usually avoid hashtags but I can't help it. Just blame Jimmy Fallon.

But Sam's faces are so hilarious. We did get one smile out of him, but the rest of them are like...#whatamidoinghere #weirdcat #nosescrunch #lion?showmesomethingcool #youcanseemyfaceinthereflection #notimpressed And look at that hand on the log.  #notposed

He loved the penguins, fish and ducks...anything at his level. It was a fun afternoon. I sort of have mixed feelings about the zoo, but we all enjoyed ourselves. It was great weather and we may have to go back this summer!


kylie said...

i can't get over his expressions. that last one is just too much. LOVE LOVE LOVE that non-posed hand on log. hahahhaa

Jody said...

haha love the hash tags. they are perfect and sam is adorable. i need to meet that little guy!

K Puls said...

Sam's face in the second to last picture is too good. I feel that way too sometimes about the zoo, haha. Love the hastags, they're perfect!