tulip festival

We went to the tulip festival in woodburn while my family was here. It was beautiful! Sam was at the end of a long day with no naps to speak of, so he was not happy...unless he was playing in the dirt next to the tulips.
We are really good at selfies!

The tulip fields were so gorgeous. As are all the other fields I've seen in oregon. I do miss Utah's mountain scenery, but I love the hills and fields of the portland area.

This is the day that Sam and I broke into the TV business. They were doing a little news segment and while we were standing out of the way and Sam was crying, the news guy came running over to ask where we were from. I think he was hoping we were from the East coast or something, but were just from boring old portland. Sam stopped crying though, and the news guy thought he was magic.

all in all, fun day!

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