children's museum II

Last Friday we met friends at the Children's museum for a few hours. The last time (love sam's tongue and mullet...) we went, he wasn't walking yet. This time it was so fun to see him walking around to all the different activities. I think he had a really good time. He was too short to reach most of the water activities, but he loved what he could reach. They had a little vet office and he walking around holding a puppy for a little while. Adorable.

Oh, and he was totally thrilled to be riding the train. Hah! He loves to watch the trains, but I guess it's been too long between our MAX rides for him to remember what it's like.I think he was torn between apprehensive and apathetic.

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Women in Chemistry said...

Sam's face in that first picture is priceless! I think you should start a "Sam is not impressed" meme.