dentist to pancakes. I'm sorry, where were we?

I felt like I found some sort of clarity today as I was wearing over-sized sunglasses and staring at a fluorescent light, waiting for the dentist. I was tipped back slightly and it was almost relaxing. I found myself smiling as I realized they were playing a song that, once upon a time, Dave knew on the guitar and would play for me while we were dating. Then they played some "semi-charmed life" and yeah, it was just a weird time for reflection.

I was also waiting for my all-clear from the dentist. I haven't had cavities for a few years because, guys, I don't mean to brag or anything, but I floss every day.

boom, two cavities. One of them wasn't even one that was on "watch". In 6 months, just a new cavity. I'm trying to figure out what was different about the last 6 months...perhaps all the flat bread?

And to add insult to injury, this is the month we didn't even eat any sugar! How did this happen? curse you, genetics.

So yes, we decided to go without any added sugar all month. Not in like a "sugar is the devil" way, because generally, I'm not one to eliminate a whole food group/category (unless it's medically necessary). Although if I were, I do think sugar would be up there. Anyway, I read an article about a family who gave it up for a year and had a lot of benefits from that. I figured we could do a month and just see. We didn't have any special days (I'm still dreaming about the salted caramel chocolate ganache tart we had to pass on for my brother-in-law's birthday) because Dave was like, "if I eat any, it's over."

Have we noticed any difference? Dave will tell you emphatically no. I, however, think one month is not enough to really say (I am still waiting for my miraculously clear skin people claim to get when they give up sugar; perhaps next month is when I will notice that there was a difference?), but I do think it has been easier to wake up in the mornings. I also don't think we ate so much sugar before that we felt poorly, so maybe it wasn't really enough to make a difference. But obviously we are more aware of what we are eating, especially where sugar is involved. The biggest change was breakfast, as Dave looves his cereal. We mostly ate these waffles and these pancakes (sans sugar).

I am proud of us for sticking with it. May is long, people. It was kind of fun to have a challenge to do together, and maybe by the end that is all it's about. We made it this far! To say the least, here's to a weekend of chocolate chip cookies, Salt & Straw ice cream and real maple syrup. (cheers to our friends Alli and Shane, who did the sugar-free month with us!)

And then, you know, a future of mindful eating.

anyone done anything crazy like this?


Christensens said...

Don't worry. I will make you the same "cake" for your birthday. Hopefully it will turn out as well, because it was SO unbelievably good. :)

Suzette Larson said...

I did this diet/cleanse that actually did wonders for any bloating or water retention I had but I don't think I could live like that forever. I mean, I would LIKE to but I love eating what I want when I want it and not being obsessive about it.
The diet consisted of quitting all sugar cold turkey, breakfast consisted of a protein shake or fruit smoothie. Lunch is a large salad with as many raw veggies my heart desired and a protein packed soup (provided by my trainer). Dinner was a 6-8 oz. piece of meat and as many veggies as I wanted.
Snacks were things like berries (the only fruit allowed. Talk about cutting out sugar....) bell pepper or cucumbers. A tablespoon of peanut butter, etc, etc.
It was TOUGH but I felt amazing after a week. The cravings for sugar were a little intense at first but subsided quickly. It was great and I'll incorporate it with 'cheat' nights because it is way too hard to say no at every party or get together. :)

Aly said...

grains are definitely correlated with cavities. the book cure tooth decay was fascinating!