I made sam a bow tie for Easter and I finished it up about 15 minutes before we headed to church. I watched three videos on the way to church trying to learn to tie it. I finally found one that was able to explain it in a way I understood and the crisis was averted (I was seriously getting frustrated). When I put it around his neck, it was too small, of course. I played around with it trying to tie the smallest bow I could and I finally got something. Next time I will measure his neck before I start.

We tried to get a few photos of said Easter tie or of the family and we just nailed it, as you can see.

We had a great dinner with some friends (tacos for Easter? I like this idea) and a little egg "hunt" for the three toddlers. They are all within a month of each other and not one cared about the eggs, really. Sam just loved to throw the gravel around and scatter it off the slide. He seriously did not (and would not) look at the eggs or pick them up. So weird.

hope you had a great Easter! (coolest video ever)

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