notes at almost a year and a half

Sometimes Sam pats your back when he gives you a hug, mostly likely when you're rocking him a bit before you put him to bed. Sleeps until 7 or so most days, unless it's a day when he randomly wakes up at 5 and won't go back to his crib, but lays in our bed, half asleep and whining. It's cute.

Most days he takes one nap instead of two, and I'm still mourning for that first nap. I remember when dinner was ready about when Dave got home or we didn't take until 8:00 getting Sam to bed and I just can't figure out why I was able to get so much done a year ago....then I remember that he didn't used to be 1. mobile 2. so demanding 3. awake as much.

He loves to climb stairs, working on other things like the couch, tub, etc. Has recently learned to climb off of things correctly. Going down stairs entails turning around, doing a downward dog crawl down the stair, standing up, facing down the stairs, turning 180 degrees and starting over.

He also loves baths and insists on having the water run the entire time. Even when we recently realized he was satisfied with a small trickle, it leads to some deep baths, which he enjoys.

I think he may be a hobbit. He eats first breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, etc. By 5:00 if he hasn't had enough to eat he will slowly and dramatically starve to death, right in front of your eyes! I've seen it happen. While I strive to remember the counsel "never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved", I am not perfect at it. Sam can get really hangry.

His favorite thing to do outside is walk and walk. I love living in the city, but sometimes I wish for a park that is enclosed with only things that he can play with. One time we went to a park that was perfect: a huge open space and gated except for the two feet of entrance. Guess where he headed almost the entire time....he just loves to walk where he wants to.

Still very wary of machines that make noise. Isn't terrified of the printer anymore, but doesn't trust the vacuum, blender, etc. He sure loves trucks, trains, buses, etc. He loves to point out the wheels in books and loooves to read about vehicles. He also loves to have the same book read to him over and over. For how quick he can move past something, this surprises us, but we love when he brings us a book and sits close (and still) with us to read it. The number of children's books we have memorized keeps going up. Too bad this isn't a hugely marketable skill. It does come in handy at 7:00 am when he brings us "the little blue truck" and he'll sit up in bed while one of us "reads" it to him while laying down with our eyes closed.

He has some great stink faces and funny faces and is so fun to play with. He's so good and I love having him as my little buddy during the days. It's so fun to watch him figure things out and copy what you do or even remember what you do with a certain thing. I mean, he obviously has seen me dig the cocoa container out of the recycling and eat what is left. Who hasn't done that?
not the best picture, but eesh, right?

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Lacey Parr said...

I really wish there was so way to get paid for all the books I have memorized too! And the cocoa photo made me laugh out loud!