zero fun sir

We met some friends yesterday at the Children's museum to check out their new outdoor adventure area. Sam had a good nap, a good lunch and I thought he would really have fun. He loves outside, water and it was even gated!

-so hot and sunny, he refused to wear a hat/sunglasses
-too timid to really do anything
-surprised by the water fountains and it wasn't pretty
-in surprised crying fit, he spits out chewed up almonds all over me
-cried 75% of the time, causing a lot of coughing
-happiest when playing with gravel and a cup (??)
-by the time we left, he had eaten raisins, almonds, 3 watermelon slices (they were snack-sized), two clementines, half of a banana and goldfish. I brought none of these items.

Obviously I need to step up my snack game. Those lame-o cherrios I brought mostly ended up in the dirt (and then he probably ate some of those). Sam's friend Avi did eat some, so they weren't for naught. I mean, toddler 101 is everything everyone else brought is way better than what we brought. Sam is seriously the biggest mooch there is. He's too cute to be refused and always hungry, I guess. But really, I'm thankful for friends who don't mind helping a mom out!

I mean, by the time we got home, I just called the whole thing a disaster. We took a nap and I want to stay inside for a week.

The last two weeks have had so many of these days! I'm still trying to decide if Sam almost really choking was better or worse that it was over a facetime audience. And that feeling of "oh my gosh, I don't know what to do if this doesn't work" was intense. But somehow, Sam survives. I know that things happen and I think that more incidents will happen as Sam gets older and wants to assert his independence and we are in new situations. It's hard to find that spot between hovering and, you know, neglect. Somewhere between those places, Sam fell down half a slide and face planted on the bark. FAIL. my gosh.

Seriously, I think the last few Fridays I've been so glad it's the weekend and that I somehow managed to save Sam from himself and gravity that week. Oi. Hopefully I'm not the only one with these toddler stories? I try not to take it personally and feel like I'm doing a bad job, but the poor kid is having really bad luck these days.
Sometimes I feel like we have a dog? We just say "come back Sam", "Sam, come back please", "hey, Sam, come here!", "can you go get your ball?" all the time when we are outside.


Kristen said...

Welcome to having a toddler! It's always an adventure, that's for sure. Glad to hear that William isn't the only crazy little boy out there. Thanks for the laugh and reassurance that I'm not alone!

Lacey Parr said...

Oh the things we do for our children! Bridger seems to hit his head on EVERYTHING lately. I feel like I should be able to prevent some of these. But mostly all I can do is hope he doesn't get brain damage. Toddler years are hard.