Sometimes I am surprised at how shy Sam can be. I think "oh, he loves water/climbing/whatever, he'll love this!" and then he clings to me and doesn't want to whatever we are doing. We try to go to story time when I remember and he is usually so hesitant to participate until they pull out the big bucket of toys or bubbles. But I can't blame him; I wouldn't want to run and play with 10 complete strangers with no warming up first. I can't say I mind all the extra snuggling that shyness brings.

We met some friends at a splash pad a couple weeks ago (already?) and I thought he'd love it, but he refused to play. We retreated for some lunch and then I showed him how he can climb up the steps and splash in the water. He just wanted to wander around the block, avoiding the water all together!

It's so new being involved in a developing personality, but I'm learning how to not force what I want Sam to do on Sam, and let him figure things out. Except when he runs for the road, which is often.
This is his "ooooh" face. He purses his lips up, points to things and says "oooh, what's that?" I love it. He always makes people laugh when he does it, especially after he has been crying or it's quiet and you hear him "ooooh"

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