pick all the strawberries!!

Oh my, I can't get over these photos. Sam looks like a monster, I know.

Our friend Sara invited us to go strawberry picking with her two Fridays ago, and of course we were on board. Picking your own berries is like the number 1 perk of living in Portland. They are fantastic. And for the last two years, we don't end up going until the last week of good berries, and I always resolve to go earlier.

It turns out the last week of May has the BEST strawberries. It was addicting to pick them. Everywhere you turn, more ripe berries!! I think we ended up with 8 pounds? (besides the 2 pounds we froze, gone by Monday). We went again this past weekend and got another 10 pounds? I don't know, but again, it's addicting. You can't let these strawberries go to waste!

Anyway, Sam didn't mind hanging out in the dirt, especially when he got the hang of picking his own berries, ripping the tops off and eating them. He only ate a few green ones. And yes, they were unwashed and dirty, but oh well. I'm pretty sure it's worth the peace and quiet (and immune system building, riiight?). And I got one hour of it while we picked berries in the beautiful mid-morning weather. Sam only sat on a part of the berries and we only got mostly covered in red/dirt.

If you want some fresh strawberries, come on over!


Sara said...

Haha I love those pics! Thanks for coming :)

K Puls said...

ahhh I'm so jealous of all of those strawberries! I need to find a pick your own farm near me ASAP. I swear Sam has the best facial expressions in photos. He is too cute.

Emily said...

I want to go picking with you! I love crazy, monster pictures of that kiddo.