Before I start posting things from our trip to Utah, I figure I'd better catch up first. These are from the 4th of July, and I guess the 24th of July is a fitting day to post about it. (I guess?)

We had some friends over for dinner (we had them over last year too and made the same main dish, so I guess we have a tradition started). We (I) hemmed and hawed about going down to the waterfront for fireworks but it was like where will we park or do we want to walk back in the dark or how will sam handle staying in the stroller (not well), ETC so we did not go down which was a little sad. And we can't see a single firework from our building which is lame, but there is always next year, right?

Plus the first night or so that we were in Utah, people were lighting fireworks fairly close to my parents house and so I saw a tiny show, just for me.

But our friends thought ahead and brought some little sparklers so we had a little toddler-friendly firework show and it was still very festive.

happy pioneer day!

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kylie said...

Sam has the MOST darling little grin!!!